August 30 In Tweets : Poised For Less-Than-Meaningful Games At Citi Field This Sept.

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  • Nomar suggests Wright has MVP credentials. Kind of. Sort of. #awkward #
  • Ramirez’ ejection Sunday, “one of the 10 most unprofessional” things Buster Olney’s seen. Or one of the top 10 least professional. you pick #
  • if this is how State College’s Gary Robinson treats umpires,imagine what he did to the Spikes’ uniform designer? http://youtu.be/0iMhySXR0hY #
  • Kravitz on Brandon Rush : “a dope smoking dope”. http://bit.ly/9VdSg0 #
  • Shoal Creek Saloon begs to differ RT @ChipBrownQB Lavaca St. Bar & Grill is Saints’ new home in Austin. #
  • Ozzie G. on Man-Ram : “guys don’t have to wear a uniform”. Jesus christ, don’t tell Bobby Jenks #
  • Ryan : “Jay will have to rethink how he’s gone about his business”. GF-bashing a bigger prob than mere contranianism, I suspect. #
  • “and now….,” says Reali, “let’s get awkward”. ATH segment on Mariotti in progress #
  • can someone please buy Forest V. Frankenstein some Muse tickets? http://bit.ly/9y2QOu #
  • the “disconnect” between La Genius and Colby Rasmus http://bit.ly/a0NZPN #
  • best of all, Jim Courier is your waiter. RE http://bit.ly/cfV6Ze #
  • RT @emilyspence: Magic Kids in-store today @Grimeys at 6! Can’t wait! See y’all there. @memphismagic @truepanther #
  • @tedleo she’s certainly a guitar player the rest of the world hasn’t quite caught up with in reply to tedleo #
  • Faygo To I.C.P. : thanks for the support, but would you please starting drinking Fanta instead? http://nyti.ms/dqJXDJ #
  • that, and all the foreskins RT @mcbias: Worst part of being Christian: avoiding sacriligeous Tebow jokes. #leadmenotintotemptation #kidding #
  • VHS Summer’s Max Dropout on “Punk Vacation” (1990) http://bit.ly/aDiBFZ #

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