Yet Another Important Message From The Entertainment Division Of Cumbucket Media : Coming April 14, Xetas’ ‘The Tower’

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The Tower (12XU 095-1)

The most dangerous letter in the DIY Greek alphabet, XETAS are greeting 2017 with their sophomore album and spring tour, serious as a heart attack and more fun than the drugs they give you in the hospital after the medics bring you back to life.

Pumping through Austin’s clogged Red River arteries since 2014, the Austin firebrands have temporarily broken their vows of Shaolin silence with ten tracks of unadulterated defibrillation –an electrifying monument to distorted melody and verbal hooks brought to a full boil.

This, after spending most of 2016 dedicating their lives to anonymity and heated discussions as to whether the city’s most indispensable soundperson sleeps in his jacket.

Propelled by a new drummer -O.D.J.- who will one day drum a hole to China solely using jazz brushes, XETAS seemingly are on a collision course with the halls of power, despite the absence of any campaign coordination with the Russian ambassador.

Add in the blitzkrieg guitars, bass and vocals of D and K respectively and you’ve arrived at a collection of tools of the trade turned weaponized instruments the likes of which are sure to provoke many a sleepless night at NATO Headquarters.

Recorded over a 24-hour period in the fall of 2016 with engineer Ian Rundell (Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes, Spray Paint, Empty Markets), the 37-minute, 10-track album was recorded in less than than 7 minutes –a testimony to the band’s energy and capacity for bending time and space after years of monastic devotion.

The melodies are dirty, distorted and delicious, dishing on the world in a jolting and at times unnerving manner, speaking truth to power, assuring a nation already grappling with insomnia under new federal management that it never sleeps again, in soundman Max’s jacket, or otherwise.- Paul Stinson

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Austin’s Shiftless, Aimless, Useless “Artists” ; A Response and a Treatise

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Greetings, city full of entitled, lazy, legends-in-your-own-little minds. While hard working student/journalists such as myself are trying to juggle academics, getting on the Mohawk’s guest list and sucking our own cocks, SICKENING, self-obsessed LOSERS like those on this RED RIVER REVUE are living in some kind of juvenile fairy-land. I’m sure you’ve read Fader Magazine’s extensive profile of just what sort of ticket-to-nowheresville self-indulgence is encouraged, nay, REQUIRED for residents of the Purell House. Heck, I could’ve written that piece with my eyes closed. That whole Purell X scene can BLOW ME – lord knows no one else will.

It’s a total fucking disgrace that smug, filthy space cadets like the 4 bands on this bill (I’m pretty sure they all live in that house, kind of like if the Monkees were 4 bands instead of one, all of ’em equally devoted to not making it) are allowed to pat themselves on the back for achieving what, exactly? Putting out records I haven’t gotten for free? Let ’em have their pathetic night at “Beerland” — some of us actually have real reasons to bother getting up early in the morning. I’d sooner shoot myself in the face than attend this gig. In fact, I bet someone else is threatening to shoot me in the face somewhere on the internet right this moment! You’re all cowards!