Coming September 15 : Spray Paint & Ben Mackie – “Friendly Moving Man” b/w “Dumpster Buddies” 7″

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Scattered to the separate winds of the USA, Mexico and Australia, Austin’s Spray Paint reconvened earlier this year and teamed up with ENTITLED TOURIST #1 aka vocalist Ben Mackie of Melbourne destruction crüe CUNTZ. The resulting two song 7″, “Friendly Moving Man” b/w “Dumpster Buddies” will be released on 12XU September 15 in a limited (BUT NOT LIMITED ENOUGH, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN) quantity. Meetings of the musical minds of this caliber don’t happen that often and if you’ve never stay awake at night wondering just what this pairing might sound like, what in blazes is going on in that brain of yours in the darkness? It’s at times like these that I thank fucking god I’m not a mind reader because if I had the first clue what you’re really thinking, there’s every chance I’d either call the cops or volunteer for the space program.


Is There A New(er) New Movement? It’s True, It’s Damn (Chris) Trew

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Apologies for the above headline but the real feelings of deep, unabated sorrow will be all yours if you fail to attend this Sunday’s Inspire Pro Wrestling, “A Hero Never Dies” card at the Austin Sports Center. Good seats are still available (terrible seats, too!)

“There Is No Exit Here” – The Xetas Tour Movie

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“There Is No Exit Here” is a 62 minute film directed by Xetas’ Kana Harris, shot entirely on an iPhone 5 and captures the Austin trio in preparation for /during their summer 2017 tour in support of their second album, ‘The Tower’. Featuring bandmates David Lee Petro, Jay Dilick, Harris and a succession of peers/associates encountered during their self-booked travels west, ‘No Exit Here’ showcases Xetas in their DIY element and provides a glimpse or several into a touring circuit that’s far removed from the festivals and package tours that litter the news cycle.

order ‘The Tower’ from 12XU or via Bandcamp.


Stokely Hathaway : A “30 For 30” Subject More Explosive Than 100 Mike & The Mad Dogs….

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….provided you strap dynamite to Hathaway’s size S vest. Video courtesy WWN and Evolve.


Jabbar : Where’s Kaepernick’s Superstar Support?

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A day prior to not-a-distraction-at-all-during-his-playing-career Hall Of Famer Ray Lewis suggesting that jobless QB/activist Colin Kaepernick oughta, y’know, keep a lower profile, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (above, middle) took to the pages of The Hollywood Reporter with an op/ed that considered Kaepernick’s right to work, if not his right to speak.

As I look around the NFL at backup quarterbacks, it seems that his talent is superior to a lot of people who are on teams already. And nothing in his words or actions is groundbreaking, nothing that activist athletes haven’t said before. Yet the backlash against him seems more intense than with other outspoken athletes, like Serena Williams and LeBron James.

Americans have a favorite quote to demonstrate their dedication to free speech: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” For this to be more than lip service, NFL superstars must defend athletes like Colin through boycotts or other means of persuasion. Some players already have joined him, including Eric Reid, Kenny Britt, Robert Quinn, Brandon Marshall, Antoine Betha and Eli Harold. But they add up to less than two dozen out of about 1,700 players. Where is the support from the other players, especially the white players who make up most of the top ten highest-paid players in the league?


Tonight At Barracuda : The Frogs’ Jimmy Flemion

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A little more than 5 years ago, The Frogs‘ Dennis Flemion exited this stupid planet and music — not to mention the lives of his family and friends — has been the poorer for it. Teamed with brother Jimmy, Milwaukee’s Frogs created (multiple) absurdist worlds that erased the boundaries between satire, social commentary, stunt-y provocation and nightmare vision. Paying homage to their musical inspirations (while often demolishing them in the process), there was so much, much more to The Frogs’ body of work than their notorious 2nd album, 1989’s ‘It’s Only Right & Natural’, and one of these days a dedicated archivist, perhaps one laid off when the Grateful Dead’s assets are acquired by Amazon, will lay all of it out for you in exhaustive, coffee table / Black Friday RSD approved fashion. Or maybe not. Maybe you’ll still have to do some digging for one of the final times in your life.

Until said day arrives, Jimmy — an Austin, TX resident for well over a decade now — will strap on the wings (can someone confirm this?) and treat a Barracuda audience to a selection of Frogs material as a memorial tribute to Dennis. There’s been a handful of Jimmy Flemion solo shows in this region (though none for a very long time) and I can testify that if you willingly miss this one, you deserve all the fucking UnBarlievables and Kung Fu Saloons this town can throw at you.



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Your entertainment choices this Memorial Day Sunday in the repository of STUPID otherwise known as South Austin, USA could not be more stark. You can either grill carcinogens in the stifling heat (and risk burning down the entire neighborhood), adjourn to a non-descript bar “patio” to consume overpriced drinks and suffer the conversation of your fellow going-nowheres….or you can head to an air-conditioned, indoor volleyball emporium to witness two of the world’s best, the limitless Keith Lee and no-longer-a-secret-agent provocateur Sammy Guevara do battle for the Inspire Pro Wrestling Pure Prestige Championship. In the unlikely event you make the right choice, don’t bother saying hello. WHO NEEDS FRIENDS WHEN YOU’VE GOT SPIRIT BOMBS?