Avril Lavinge : The Worst Thing To Hit The Rays Since Greg Vaughn

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(yes, we can’t believe you’re still getting paid, either)

In what will probably forever doom a bet I placed with an off-shore bookie that Skye Sweetnam would headline the Super Bowl halftime show within the next 10 years, the critically reviled Avril Lavinge tweaked the sensibilities of Tropicana Field marketing schmoes during a postgame concert last night.  Though to be fair (or at least consistent), they are developing a prudish reputation at baseball’s worst ballpark. From Tampa Bay.com’s Rick Stroud :

With many of the 24,717 at Tropicana Field still in attendance from the Rays 7-3 loss to the Cleveland Indians, Lavigne got off to  a rough start when her microphone did not work during her first song. She responded to a chorus of boos with a profanity-laced  explanation that things like that happen at a live performance, especially at a ‘baseball stadium.’

“The Rays demand profanity-free performances from all of our concert performers and we are extremely disappointed by the language used in last night’s show,” Rays spokesman Rick Vaughn said in a statement Sunday. “It is not consistent with the family-friendly atmosphere that Tropicana Field is known for.”

2 responses to “Avril Lavinge : The Worst Thing To Hit The Rays Since Greg Vaughn”

  1. Rog says:

    I guess that Superchunk won’t be able to perform ‘Slack Motherfucker’ when they headline there during their upcoming stadium tour.

  2. GC says:

    this is gonna have a chilling effect on the state fair circuit. If no one stands up for Avril, how might the authorities treat the likes of ELO II or Lou Gramm?

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