Bartman Lookalike Given A Warm Wrigley Welcome

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Noted thespian Michael Keaton was shown in the Cubs dugout yesterday, donning a Cubs cap and exchanging pleasantries with Aramis Ramirez, prior to throwing out the first pitch before a 9-3 defeat of Milwaukee.

That’s the same Michael Keaton, by the way, that threw out the first pitch for the Pirates’ Opening Day a year ago, and took the occasion to lecture Pittsburgh ownership on their lack of commitment to the club.

3 responses to “Bartman Lookalike Given A Warm Wrigley Welcome”

  1. Hot Shit Collage Student says:

    I watched with the sound off, but the best part was still the reveal of “Keaton” on the back of the jersey.

  2. GC says:

    fair’s fair. He ruled in “Annie Hall” (preop)

  3. beedlebaum says:

    He also starred as a crazed Red Sox fan in the Don Delillo-penned Game 6.

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