Belated Thanksgiving Thoughts From The Planet’s Most Whipped Man

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Lest you thought MVN.com’s hoops blogs were the sole province of misogynists, homophobes and illiterates, NBA veteran Doug Christie took advantage of the “anybody-can-do-it” portal and shared his profound holiday wishes with ordinary citizens like you and me.

Thanksgiving is so special to me and my family, as it lets you reflect on all that you™re thankful for. I want to share some of the things I™m thankful for now with you all.

I™m thankful:

for knowing Jesus and putting him first in our life
for being alive
for being married to Jackie
for having our children
for them being healthy
for the many blessings God has given me and my family
for being able to help so very many people in some way
for having this blog on MVN and be able to have a voice and talk to you all
for our country
for another year of learning how to be a even better person than last year
for being healthy
for making it to the NBA and playing 14 years
for all the good in this world
for our wonderful book
for our great DVD – the Christies un-cut
for our reality show
and for the love we (me and my family) have for mankind, even though some have wronged us. We forgive all.

8 responses to “Belated Thanksgiving Thoughts From The Planet’s Most Whipped Man”

  1. itsmetsforme says:

    “for all the good in this world
    for our wonderful book
    for our great DVD – the Christies un-cut
    for our reality show”

    this is awesome. the christies have their priorities straight.

  2. Rog says:

    Anybody can do it, huh?

    *strokes chin*

    Hmmm, I wonder if they’d let ol’ Rog start up his own blog on that site…

    *falls asleep*

  3. avoncobra says:

    “for these two minutes that my beautiful and kind wife has allowed me to use the computer

    for the way she unshackled my leg irons with grace and swiftness

    for the way she plays back all the tapes she has of
    the conversations I have on my cell phone when she lets me use it

    but mostly for the way she so elegantly had my balls dipped in bronze and put in a display case over our mantle

    time to get back in my kennel now. peace, love and empathy to all you in this holiday season”

  4. Lego says:

    Do you really think the guy on that blog is the same guy that was posting here?

  5. GC says:

    if you’re referring to Alex from Father Knickerbocker, yeah, I had no reason to believe it wasn’t him. His comments were close enough to the high quality prose on the MVN blog, but if I am mistaken and the real Alex B. would like to disavow remarks someone else make using his name, I’m all ears.

  6. Lego says:

    I guess I thought the grammar, spelling, and sentence structure were significantly better on the blog than his postings here.

  7. Jon says:

    We forgive you too, GC. Peace and love during the holiday season.

  8. GC says:


    forgive me for what, exactly? For providing your colleague Alex a free and open forum in which to share his witless thoughts about yelling at women in public? The same sort of forum he denies readers of his MVN blog?


    here’s my most sincere holiday wish for Alex and the rest of the Gate D boobs — fuck off and die.


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