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Along with raising allegations that MSG is preventing SportsNet NY from making live reports from the Garden, Newsday’s Neil Best claims the Giants’ ugly week has spun so badly out of control, Big Blue are reduced to leaning on reporters from the league’s website.

Lost amid the other events this week was a scathing column Monday by Adam Schefter on nfl.com in which he extensively and anonymously quoted a “high-ranked Giants source.”

The source said coach Tom Coughlin faced “a mutiny here with the players” and that “he can’t inspire these guys.” He also said offensive coordinator John Hufnagel “does not have a feel for the game.”

By Tuesday, Schefter had removed the quotes and re-written the column in his own words. Why?

He said he received an e-mail from Pat Hanlon, the Giants’ VP of communications, complaining about the use of anonymous quotes and decided Hanlon was right.

“I had a temporary lapse of better judgment,” said Schefter, a former newspaper reporter and former president of the national pro football writers’ association.

Schefter said the fact he now works for an NFL-owned outlet had “zero” to do with his decision.

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  1. Schefter is a Jew; and simply put, the Jews control all media. He is therefore ‘untouchable’.

  2. GC says:

    that’s ridiculous, James. If Schefter’s Jewish Media Controlling Power was that awesome, he could write whatever he wanted about the Giants without his copy mysteriously changing.

    secondly, I’m a Jew. I’d LOVE to control all media. Not only would I do my best to make sure Dan Cortese never worked again (admittedly, someone might’ve already taken care of that for me — thanks Jewish cabal!) but I’d have you banned from this site 4 life.

    alas, not all Jews are super-connected.

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