Bianchi Prescribes Calm The Fuck Down Pills For Urban Meyer

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By now you’ve probably seen the footage of Florida head coach Urban Meyer — just months removed from chest pains and talk of leaving the Gator program — verbally abusing the Orlando Sentinel’s Jeremy Fowler for having the temerity to….hold a microphone while WR Deonte Thompson praised Tim Tebow’s successor, QB John Brantley? If you found Meyer’s behavior dangerously creepy, you’re not alone, as Sentinel colleague Mike Bianchi suggests, “isn’t it only a matter of time before he goes Zooker and threatens to beat up an entire frat house?”

This is totally out of character for Meyer. He never, ever complains about the media; he just ignores it. And that’s why this unbalanced behavior is so troubling. That’s why Gator football fans must wonder if he is mentally ready to resume being the coach at a suffocating program like UF.

This is almost as tyrannical as when Meyer said former UF quarterbacking great Shane Matthews was not welcome at UF after Matthews criticized the Gators’ offense a few years ago. Did I miss something? I thought Meyer was just the football coach at UF; I didn’t realize he had been coronated king and could banish alumni and media from the program via royal decree.

Is Meyer really such a control freak that he believes he can dictate how people interpret quotes? Good grief, this guy really does think he’s the Pope, doesn’t he? He doesn’t just want to control what we do; he wants to control how we think.

6 responses to “Bianchi Prescribes Calm The Fuck Down Pills For Urban Meyer”

  1. Michael says:

    To the writer of this piece of garbage, who the F–k are you to proscibe anything, maybe you need to get on SOME pills yourself and find something worth writing about…..Who wants their kid to play for a coach that don’t feel 4 his players the way he does.. College football needs more coaches like Mr Myer, but U.S.A need’s less sorry A-s reports like your sorry A-S

  2. Tom says:

    Great language for the kids to see.

  3. Alex says:

    You so called “writers” are all the same…always provoking and always negative. When someone finally says something, you hide behind the “I was just quoting” or “I have a right to my opinion”. It’s getting old, obviously Coach Meyer agrees. I guess I’ll go somewhere else to get my news.

  4. GC says:

    thing is, the reporter in question WAS just quoting. It was Meyer’s own player who implied — perhaps unintentionally — that Brantley was more of a “real” QB than Tebow. And he’s hardly the first person to suggest Tebow isn’t a traditional QB — the airwaves, newspapers and scouting bureaus are filled with persons who’ve expressed the point of view that Tebow isn’t qualified to be a starting QB at the pro level (NFL, anyway). That’s a lot of people for Urban Meyer to intimidate.

  5. Stuart says:

    Maybe Bianchi thinks he’s VP Biden?

  6. GC says:

    that analogy makes no sense Stuart, though a simple reading comprehension course for you and the other Gator fans commenting here would make it very clear that Bianchi never cursed —that’s my headline. I’m closing this thread because you morons are giving me a massive (fucking) headache.