Bidding War Alert, Pt. VII

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Is the video for Jon Solomon’s latest discovery, Dennis Madalone’s “America We Stand As One” a stirring, inspirational, soft-rock anthem that stands heads and tails above the likes of Michael Bolton and Peter Cetera?

Or is it merely the greatest promotional clip ever made?

(Madalone, soaking up the praise)

Or could this be the best argument since Joey Welz’ “Rockin’ In America” that a license should be required to operate Final Cut Pro?

You be the judge.

8 responses to “Bidding War Alert, Pt. VII”

  1. Andurz says:

    That video is the worst thing I’ve seen today. I think it could well work as an recruitment campaign for anti-american (or whitetrash kitch) terrorsist. The whole patriotism overload is appalling. Really. It realy makes me wish for an internationaly united strike on the American Mainland. Cheers!

  2. CSTB says:

    thanks for specifying “american mainland”, as I was getting worried about the future of the Pro Bowl. Also, having now watched the “Start Snitchin'” DVD several times (kind of a a DC answer video to “Stop Snitchin'”, I was complelled to send your IP address to Homeland Security. No hard feelings, I hope.

  3. weezil says:

    I didn’t think it possible to vomit out of my ears… until I saw Denny.

    Can you imagine how difficult it is being an American living overseas when you get folks like Mad Alone popping up on the teev?

    “Yes, I’m American… No, we ain’t like Mad Alone…”



  4. Andurz says:

    Ait! Thanks for forwarding my IP-adress to the Homeland Security (which should be made up by Native Americans, shouldn’t it?) I could need some extra media coverage!
    I’ve prepared tea and the cake is waiting in the oven!

  5. CSTB says:

    no sweat, I used to hate freedom and everything it stands for. Then I saw a great music video from a talented young man and it changed the way I think. But enough about Liam Lynch’s “United States Of Whatever”, what kind of cake is it?

  6. Andurz says:

    lol.. How very contradictive. I just realised how ‘that’ kind of behaviour (like sending IP addresses to homeland security) is in line with the Nazis, DDR and probably most other communist regimes.. I don’t get it.. How did the “USWhatever”video change your life?? I’m listning to an interview with him, right now. Hasn’t changed me yet!
    The film “Lucky People Centre international” would change my life if I wasn’tr soo thick! Check it out..

  7. Nick Stone says:

    Here’s the kickass remix:


  8. Ted Taylor says:

    This was easily the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life. If the whole concept wasn’t nauseating enough, the idiot never once pronounced AmerIca correctly. It is NEVER A-mer-UH-KUH!

    This guy should do jail time.