Bidding War Alert, Pt. VIII

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Writes Doug Mosurock,

This has been sent my way and you might need to check these guys out. If you don’t, they might “ninja” you.

4 responses to “Bidding War Alert, Pt. VIII”

  1. David Roth says:

    The picture was promising (I’ve always believed that the band that works out/styles each other together, stays together), and when the site “ninja’d” my Explorer into crashing, I was further intrigued. But once I saw the site… eh, get back to me when the section headlined “The Legend” is live.

    By which I mean (shudder).

  2. D. Mosurock says:

    I wish you would have used one of their “abs” shots, or any picture where the drummer wields a knife, but the readers will get to it in due time.

  3. CSTB says:

    I was concerned about David R.’s work environment.

  4. David Roth says:

    All it takes is knowing the code, man. If this entry had been marked NSFW-GA/SH/K — Not Safe For Work-Gratuitous Abdominals/Sublimated Homoeroticism/Knifeplay — I would’ve known to wait until after punching out to check it out. As it is, I’ll probably still have to examine it at home a little more, ah, carefully.

    Also, I did go back to find the pictures of Cobra Commander/the drummer with his knives. That’s great stuff.

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