Big News Day For Stallone

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Breathing search-engine Sam Frank alerts us to a report about Sylvester Stallone’s mooted Edgar Allan Poe bio-pic,as well as allegations that
Rocky was responsible for a smear campaign aimed at action rival Arnold Schwarzenegger.

No updates on Frank Stallone’s musical career, however.

3 responses to “Big News Day For Stallone”

  1. ben schwartz says:

    CHEERS! to Stallone for (at least) promising not to make more “Rocky” movies while going after his Edgar Allan Poe movie (planned long before 2002, btw) and

    JEERS! to CSTB for sniping at inspiring folks like Stallone, Pat O’Brien, and Weiland as they pick up the pieces and move on with positivity.

  2. CSTB says:

    you must have me mixed up with someone else. Just this past weekend, Pat and I attended the same alternative rock festival.

  3. David R. says:

    From the Poe article: “Unfortunately for posterity, Stallone will not play Poe.” Nice editorializing, United Kingdom! That’s a Beefeating JEER from across the pond! Wankaz! (Wankstaz?)

    Ben, please note that CSTB made no mention that Sony recording artist Robert Downey Jr. is in line to quoth nevermore. Tho Stallone DID write the screenplay, so who knows what sorts of liberties he took… But, yeah, no RDJR hatorade – that’s CHEER-worthy, ain’t it?

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