Bipolar Barret, Shot By Police

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It’s a whole new year which means it is time for another emotionally troubled former Oakland Raider to be gunned down by the cops. C Barret Robbins, released by Oakland last year after testing positive for human growth hormone, was blasted by Miami police during an apparent burgalry attempt in Miami Beach.

Last autumn, former Raiders kicker Cole Ford showed that a Commitment To Excellence doesn’t end when you take off the silver and black, opening fire on the Las Vegas home of Siegfried & Roy. He also accomplished the unique feat of making Sebastian Janikowski seem like the most stable Oakland kicker of recent memory.

Robbins (above) made headlines in 2003 when he disappeared on the eve of Oakland’s Super Bowl battle with Tampa Bay. Having received treatment for despression, bipolar disorder and alcoholism, Robbins’ teammates buried him after that, showing the kind of insensitity towards the mentally-impaired commonly heard during the earlier half of the last century (or in the case of CSTB headlines, pretty much every day).

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  1. SFist says:

    Former Raider Pro-Bowler Shot
    The tale of former Raider’s center Barrett Robbins just got a lot sadder yesterday, as he is currently in crtical condition after being shot in an apparent robbery attempt inside a Miami nightclub. Mr. Robbins has had a number of run-ins with the law,…

  2. Chris says:

    Barret is in our prayers. Played ball in H.S. with him. He is the biggest and nicest guy you could know. Everyone is proud of his accomplishments but want to see him get help. Instead of criticizing him leave him alone or offer some help! Everyone loves ya Barret SHS

  3. CSTB says:


    I’ve not criticized Robbins. As far as “leaving him alone” is concerned, surely there is something newsworthy about a former All-Pro NFL center’s continued troubles with law enforcement. Offering help is a fine idea —- you’re the former classmate, maybe you oughta step up and spend less time on Google.

  4. SHS says:

    Screw you Gerard Cosloy. You have no idea on what Barrett is going through and will never understand the seriousness of Bipolar Disorder. You are disrespectful, a disgrace, uneducated and unethical. Go back to your field hockey coverage.

  5. CSTB says:

    Dearest Numbnuts,

    once again, I’ve said nothing critical about Mr. Robbins whatsoever. I’ve merely reported on a newsworthy event as have hundred of others since Barrett’s latest episode. Have you written to ESPN or the Miami Herald about this, as well? Or has the crayon supply run low?

    I don’t claim to know what Barrett is going though, but as far as not understanding the seriousness of Bipolar Disorder, maybe you oughta look in the mirror. Prayer and “leaving him alone” aren’t going to help Barrett cope with life outside of football, and seeing as you’re the buddy of the rampaging Robbins, I can only assume you’re spending as much time visiting him in the hospital as you are in writing to CSTB. I sincerely hope your friend receives the treatment he needs, but spare me the grandstanding bullshit.

    And I’d gladly go back to field hockey coverage, but the school told me to stop hanging around years ago.

  6. Houston SHS Apollos '87/ '89 says:

    Barret, I hope you fully recover soon. My prayers are with you and with your family and friends and people who know/knew you. Focus on Jesus Christ, not the odds. You can win because the bible said so. Send a Christian priest and ask him to rebuke his problems in Jesus name. People pray for him that will live till he is a ripe old age and that he may totally reconcile with family.

  7. Sigmund Fraud says:

    very good young person, continue sending Barrett words of support to this blog. His lovely wife was on ESPN this evening speaking of how he is strapped down to his hospital bed and though she neglected to mention how he is reading cantstopthebleeding.com every day, you and I know that he is, so please, keep writing.

    I’m not a religious man but if Jesus Christ could send a message to Barrett from his heavenly spaceship, he’d say “hey lumpy, stay on the medication next time”

    thank you. I’m SIgmund Fraud.

  8. Karen says:

    I never even heard of you Mr Robbins. I’m justan ordinary mother of 4 kids in Lynchburg VA. I have 2 daughters also. I saw your wife on ESPN while waiting for the Winter X_Games to come on. I wanted to see Luke Wynen. He is a believer in Jesus Christ, and I wanted to cheer him on. I am sorry for your pain, and the amazing twist your life has taken. I will pray for you, for God to touch your life, and heart, and family, and restore you. Amazing things can happen when you trust God.

  9. Alex says:

    Hello Barrett:
    I hope you can actual read this. I followed your news with intense interest because we have a lot in common, but a fews years older. I was diagnosed with manic-depression when I was 38 (now I am 44). I have had my share of troubles going on and off my medication, side-effects, and the rest. I pray that you get well and that you God reveals Himself to you during this time. I am sure from this point on you will truly change and become a new person!

    Your Friend Alex

  10. CSTB says:

    Karen, Alex,

    god bless you for your beautiful comments. thank you for sharing. But what on earth leads you to believe that your well-wishes for Mr. Robbins will ever be seen by him in this forum? Please, to anyone else whose heart-strings have been tugged by this episode, if you want to write to Barrett —- THIS ISN’T THE PLACE TO DO IT. OK?

  11. SHS says:

    Your an ass, Gerard Cosloy. Why write an article and then tell people not to respond to it, knowing that your web site has a “Leave A Comment” for this post? You obvisouly regret writing such an article about Barret Robbins so just apologize for being so inconsiderate and move on to someone else’s problems you can try exploit with distasteful humor.

  12. CSTB says:

    Dearest SHS,
    You don’t appear to be the sharpest of tools, so I’m going to be patient and explain this to you as carefully as possible. Still, you might want to invite someone over who can help you out, perhaps a friend with comprehension skills above the 3rd grade level.

    1) The only persons I’ve told not to respond to the article are those who insist on leaving personal messages for Barrett Robbins. Given that the odds of Mr. Robbins — whom his own wife describes as being at death’s door — is not reading this blog every day (if ever), this seems like a wasted, though well intentioned effort on their behalf. Presuming these people care as much for Mr. Robbins as they profess, perhaps a letter or card to the hospital or Barrett’s long-suffering (and heavily made-up) wife would be a more appropriate show of support. Unless, of course, you’re all a bunch of grandstanding shitheads, and I’d hate to think that.

    2) You seem to have a lot of time to spend on this subject (presumably the local Greyhound bus terminal has asked you to stop hanging around the men’s room) so maybe you’d like to point out for me at what point in the article above I was inconsiderate? And would you level the same charges at anyone else in the traditional media who thought the criminal activities of a ‘roid-riffic former All-Pro center were newsworthy enough to comment on?

    Where did I say something that was a) untrue or b) hurtful to Barrett Robbins?

    Anyhow, I do thank you for your continued participation in this forum, and sincerely hope that you find somewhere else on the internet to spread your own unique form of wit and wisdom.

  13. SHS says:

    Gerard Cosloy,

    Your so intellignet. How many thesauruses did you wreck before writing your feedback? Maybe one day you’ll acheive your goal and finally get a story in your high school paper. Good luck.

  14. CSTB says:

    Though I’ve yet to crack a thesaurus (admittedly, I’m overdue), at the risk of the pot calling the kettle Shirley Temple Black, you might wanna employ spell-check every now and then.
    And not to beat a dead horse or anything, but I’ve already had a story in my high school paper. I believe the headline read “SHS BLOWS GOATS, READ ALL ABOUT IT”. Hot stuff. Then again, I’ve won fewer Pulitzers than you have ribbons from the Special Olympics, so I’ll continue to try harder.

  15. SLC says:

    Hang in there buddy. My thoughts go out to you and your family..

  16. CSTB says:


    thanks for your concern, but really, I’m doing fine. Unlike B.R., I’m TAKING MY MEDICATION.

  17. Cathy Crosby Wright says:

    Barrett is my cousin. i haven’t seen him in a good while – his mother was a crosby. he lost his mother in may 1999 – 1 month after mine. all of this breaks my heart.
    any of you that say all of his emotional problems are not diseases are wrong. you never know how something feels until it happens to you.
    my prayers are with you barret. love you, cathy

  18. Jerry says:

    shut the f*#k up the raiders suck. They should stop hiring thugs to play football. half a mill aint enough he has to rob clubs what an asshole. I’m glad he got shot……..GO RAIDERSSS

  19. A dude from H-town says:

    Whatever happened to Barrett Robbins? Is he and his wife and their kids still with us? Still together? If he/they still are, how are they doing? Pray for them until they fully recover. May peace, love, and harmony be with you and your family always. ALWAYS REMEMBER, GOD LOVES YOU (FAMILY).

  20. Kay Robbins says:

    I am Barret’s aunt. For those who are wishing him well, our family thanks you very much. We are cautiously optomistic that his healing has begun. For the one who said he was glad Barret got shot, well, just watch your karma!! Thanks again and I will pass this along to Barret.