Blogger Suspends Self For Making Us Imagine Sex With Belichick

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If David Scott can take a week off for his part in furthering (unfounded, he admits) speculation surrounding Bonnie Bernstein and Bill Belichick, I’m gonna take the next 45 minutes off just for bringing the whole thing up again.

11 responses to “Blogger Suspends Self For Making Us Imagine Sex With Belichick”

  1. notorius says:

    I hate the Patriots, their lack of star power, people who actually think a coach is the reason for their success, and I really hate Tom Brady… but if Belichick really had sex with Bonnie Bernstein, I would turn in my hater card.

  2. kt says:

    i love their championships.

  3. josh says:

    you wonder if he wears the hoodie to bed?

  4. notorius says:

    More importantly, does Bonnie make him wear the hoody to bed?

  5. Chico says:

    Their lack of star power? WTF does that mean?

  6. GC says:


    I suspect it is a reference to the Pats’ rep as a lunch-pail, team-first bunch of hardworking dudes who don’t hold out in training camp (and if they do, Belichick writes them out of the history books) and refrain from excessive celebrations or they get sent to London (like Peter Griffin).

    over time of course, those same team-first guys do end up on plenty of magazine covers and TV ads, by virtue of winning 3 super duper bowls.

  7. josh says:

    only selfish women like lesley visser are attracted to star power

  8. willy wonka says:

    visser has banged em all. players, executives, etc. and why shouldn’t she? attractive, in-shape woman, i say GO GIRL.

  9. GC says:

    wonka, please!

    Though I think there’s something vaguely newsworthy about David Scott’s contrition over the Bernstein rumor-mongering, I’m just a little uncomfortable with your characterization of Lesley V.

    In short, why are sportsbiz ladies-with-microphones subject to this kind of scrutiny compared to their dude counterparts? Think about it, who are we to say that Craig Sagar hasn’t slept his way to the middle? That it isn’t who Jim Gray’s known, it’s who he’s blown?

  10. willy wonka says:

    that;s actually my point! my point although i expressed it poorly was that women like lesley v should be able to sleep with whom they want. hence my YOU GO GIRL! and the same goes for men. if sagar and grey are sleeping around, that’s up to them, same with visser. and even same with bernstein. she could be sleeping with belicheck, and who cares? if it helps her get a story, cool. if it helps her feel good, cool. same if sagar was sleeping with belicheck. in short, YOU ALL GO! people in my building sleep with each other all the time. shy not in the sports world! but how do we know who people are sleeping with, that’s what i don’t get. how do people know about bernstein and belicheck, are they there? or sager and whomever he slept in the middle with?

  11. jdawg says:

    true dat!

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