Bobby V’s Marines Sweep Japan Series

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Congrats to former Mets Mr. Top Step (above), Benny Agbayani, Matt Franco and the rest of the Chiba Lotte Marines on wining the Japan Series, 4-0, after today’s 3-2 victory over the Hanshin Tigers.

2 responses to “Bobby V’s Marines Sweep Japan Series”

  1. Skip Lockwood says:

    If things went sour with Willie (though I don’t think that would happen), would the Mets give it a thought of correcting the mistake of letting him go? Before Willie came, one of the rumblings was that Omar had spoke with V. I still say he got more out of those Met teams than anyone else could have.

  2. CSTB says:

    I kinda doubt Bobby’s coming back to Queens anytime soon. Pretty hard to predict what might happen if Randolph comes to a quick end, but clearly Gary Carter is being groomed for something or other.

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