Bogosian Cameo Can’t Save “Love Monkey” From Times Critique

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From the New York Times’ Alessandra Stanley.

“Love Monkey,” which has its premiere tonight, centers on the dating rituals of a hip downtown bachelor who works in A&R for a record company and plays basketball with two other bachelors and one married friend, Mike (Jason Priestley), who is married to his sister. Tom is funny and self-aware, and viewers are supposed to be amused by his endearing foibles, which include self-absorption, wanting what he cannot have and an inability to commit. “Love Monkey,” in other words, is yet another attempt to create a male version of “Sex and the City.” Unfortunately, the humor and pathos of that series are not transferable.

In New York City, single men have an unfair advantage over women, particularly women in their 30’s. “For a woman, now is the future,” Tom’s platonic friend Brandy (Judy Greer) tells him. “Too late is just around the corner.”

Not that successful single men don’t have problems of their own. It’s just that focusing on the romantic woes of Manhattan bachelors is a little like exploring the hurt feelings of Red Army troops occupying Poland after World War II: it’s hard to muster a lot of sympathy.

5 responses to “Bogosian Cameo Can’t Save “Love Monkey” From Times Critique”

  1. Timothy Cook says:

    Could a cable-network biopic of J.Richman starring the actor formally known as _Ed_ really be far behind? I fear the sight of him belting out recreations of “Abominable Snowman in the Market”, “She Doesn’t Laugh At My Jokes”, or an emasculated “She Cracked.”

    Or will impatience win out and force a cameo by the real Richman as _Ed_’s uncle–as I think Tommy Hoops put it so well elsewhere– wearing only a diaper?

  2. CSTB says:

    the great thing about TV is that the possibilities are endless. Jared Leto in “The Rob Younger Story”. Orlando Bloom as Larry Lifeless in “From The Flesh Missles To Eternity”.

  3. Sarah says:

    Sign the petition to save Love Monkey….who knows, maybe it will help:

    Save Love Monkey


  4. Marti says:

    I liked Love Monkey. CBS should give it a chance.

  5. GC says:

    3 episodes! Heck, if “HITZ” had only lasted 3 weeks, think of all the great laughs and storylines we’d have missed.

    As long as the True Vinyl Records website isn’t taken down, I’m satisfied.

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