Bonds – Not Coming Back?

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ESPN has interupted their coverage of this afternoon’s Dodgers/Mets exhibition game to air comments from a glum Barry Bonds, announcing that he’ll be out of the Giants’ lineup for some time. Bonds, described himself as “tired” about a dozen times, adding “if you guys wanted to hurt me bad enough, you finally got there.” Pressed further, Bonds implied that a mid-season return might not happen.

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  1. Sam Frank says:

    “Barry used to have very cut abs, like washboard abs. After a while he was just a massive muscle, solid and bloated.”
    Will there be the same moral outrage when half of MLB, the NBA, and the NFL is implicated in massive tax fraud? Or don’t we have a problem with them behaving like rich people? Actually, I don’t, even though, rationally speaking, Bonds stealing $35,000 is much more offensive than all the flaxseed oil he lubed with.

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