Bowtie-Wearing Shitbag’s Roots Uncovered

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I was trying to remember where I had first encountered Tucker Carlson — other than, y’know, the men’s room at the Port Authority.

And then it hit me. Seems a shame a commentator so talented would have to toil under the pseudonym “Bruce Heffernan”.

4 responses to “Bowtie-Wearing Shitbag’s Roots Uncovered”

  1. Jason says:


  2. Rog says:

    I love how this whole thing has to involve Bill Clinton. God forbid they talk about a Republican Senators disgusting personal habits on their own terms without dragging ol’ William J. into the argument.

    And I like how all of those bozos started laughing hysterically when Tucker finished the story about assaulting the restroom cruiser. I hate America.

  3. Bongo says:

    Oh come on Rog. I can’t stand these two dolts either, but they were only making the point that denial is a common political strategy, ala Clinton.

  4. hot shit college student says:

    Hate to steal Rog’s thunder, but mentioning Clinton was nothing but a political strategy. I doubt Gay Rights advocates think public bathroom footsie is a good idea either. Kudos to Craig for referencing an episode of The Office (U.S.) though. That’s because I love America.

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