Bradley For Walker Trade Rumored

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Chicago’s WMVP claims the Cubs might be sending Todd Walker to Los Angeles in exchange for the cool, calm and collected Milton Bradley.

With Jeff Kent ensconced at 2B, Walker — an unlikely Gold Glove candidate at any position — would play third base.

If Bradley does indeed, come to Wrigley, Jay Mariotti can finish most of next year’s columns by January 1.

Sports Illustrated’s Tom Verducci does a fine job breaking down the Mets’ financial picture (ie. “where is all the money coming from?”) but the part about the club anticipating a gate of 3 million plus is interesting. There were a lot of empty seats at Shea last September, and while the team are unquestionably a hotter product with the additions of Delgado and Wagner, tickets haven’t gotten any cheaper (and the stadium hasn’t improved one iota) since the last time the Mets drew 3 million.

3 responses to “Bradley For Walker Trade Rumored”

  1. The Zoner says:

    Ouch. Busy day for me, didn’t hear that yet. I can’t think of anything worse. Jim Hendry is really having a terrible off-season so far. That’s not to say Howry and Eyre won’t do well; but that the terms of their contracts are wack. Too many years and too much money.

    Trading Walker would be foolish. He flat out rakes, bats left-handed and actually takes pitches and walks, something that is sparse throughout the Cubs lineup. Bradley, is a goof and an overrated one to boot. Just great.

  2. ben schwartz says:

    Milton may not put the Cubs over that third place hurdle in 2006, but as far as Dusty’s mission to get rid of the Cubs “lovable loser” image, Milton is a key addition.

    Can’t wait for Milton Bradley Bottle Day in the new Unfriendly Confines.


  3. kt says:

    they’re looking for the same kind of spark carl everett gave the crosstown pale hose.

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