Breckman’s Telemarketing Solution

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Andy Breckman of WFMU’s “7 Second Delay” suggests pretending you’re retarded when the telemarketers ring.

I’ve found that pretending I’m turned on usually ends the call rather quickly — even faster if I’m not pretending.

2 responses to “Breckman’s Telemarketing Solution”

  1. howard in nyc says:

    so andy is giving away his best ideas on a blog for free? i guess he couldn’t figure out how to turn this into a plot twist on ‘monk’

  2. CSTB says:

    Breckman has been giving away fine ideas on WFMU’s “7 Second Delay” for years without being paid. But I know what you mean — I don’t even turn on the laptop unless someone is paying me to do so.

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