Bringing The Taste of Chicago To Long Island City

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The Score’s Mike North (above)  was the latest sacrificial lamb substitute host to fill Don Imus’ old chair on WFAN this morning, and while Newsday’s Neil Best describes the Windy City windbag as “sounds like he’s doing an imitation of a bad Chicago accent, something out of a Saturday Night Live skit,” the Chicago Tribune’s Teddy Greenstein was far more easily impressed.

North was loud, brash, hyper-opinionated and just plain hyper. When WFAN staple Chris Russo called in during the third hour, North barely let him speak. Russo is nicknamed “Mad Dog,” yet North muzzled him without a tranquilizer.

After Mike asked Russo which team he favored, and Russo said the San Francisco Giants, North barked: “They got Ray Durham at second base. He’s 50.”

A brief discussion of the NBA led North to say: “Eddy Curry decided to have a pulse this year.”

“You gotta do your homework when you’re on with me, Mad Dog,” North said.

“North is on top of it!” Russo fired back.

No doubt North did his research. He fired on tons of New York sports figures, including Joe Torre, Plaxico Burress, Eli Manning and Hideki Matsui. (“The Japanese players get here, and after a couple of years they get the American way. You can see Hideki Matsui after the game working out at TGI Friday’s.”)

2 responses to “Bringing The Taste of Chicago To Long Island City”

  1. Zach says:

    Or as I call him: Mike Nort and duh Mike Nort cho.

    That accent is practiced and fake. Dude’s a racist, sexist, and the worst Chicago sports figure not named Jay Mariotti.

  2. I pray that WFAN puts a sports guy on the morning, but god was that guy annoying. I think they’d be better off just airing a simulcast of C-SPAN 2 then let that guy on the air another day.

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