Brodeur : Jailed For Being Annoying Or A Genuine Threat?

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The New York Post’s Laura Italiano reported yesterday that Christopher X. Brodeur — bane of much of the rock biz for his impassioned screeds under the nom de plume Touching You of Liquid Tapedeck infamy — shall be spending some time in what John McCain might call a hotel where they don’t leave mints by your pillow.

An angry Manhattan judge threw former fringe mayoral candidate and perennial political pest Christopher Brodeur in jail for six months yesterday on his recent conviction for viciously harassing his landlord and a rent collector.

Since 2003, Brodeur – who got 4 percent of the vote in last year’s Democratic primary – had sent the two victims 21 angry voice-mail messages and letters as he disputed the rent and fought eviction from his Lower East Side apartment.

For example, Brodeur threatened to “torture,” “mutilate” and “peel the flesh [from]” the pair.

In a two-hour sentencing statement, Brodeur, 38, said he regretted the most “excessive” things he’d communicated to the pair, but asked not to be jailed simply for “speech.”

Having not heard the evidence presented, it is hard for me to gauge to what degree Brodeur’s exchange with his landlord actually represented a threat of bodily harm. For one thing, much as I hate to paint all Manhattan landlords with the same brush, I can’t remember the last time I read about one of their ilk being jailed for menacing a tennant — and that certainly happens more than occasionally.

From personal experience, I can vouch for Brodeur as a first-class sparing partner in the email wars. But being a delusional, unrelenting pain in the ass doesn’t mean he deserves a jail sentence, nor does it take away his basic rights as a tennant. Those rights clearly don’t include being allowed to threaten to mutiliate someone (let alone leaving hard evidence of having done so), so here we are.

I’m a little torn on this one. I can’t imagine New York City is a safer or better place with Chris Brodeur banged up. But as long as certain types of speech aren’t protected under the law — and haven’t been for as long as I can remember, you’d have to say he fucked up royally.

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  1. sandra says:

    Christopher Brodeur is the biggest phony in New York’s History. He is now on a rampage harassing more and more people. His “philosophy” is as bankrupt as his wallet.

  2. cxb says:

    CXB here…

    “Sandra” is actually a pedophile criminal named HARRY STUCKEY aka VOX LUX. I exposed his raping friends of ours using heroin, cat tranquilizers, and many other crimes by this crook. He has never worked a day in his life b/c he’s a professional con artist, so the skeeve trolls the web to post LIES about me to assassinate my character, to Change The Subject. (Typical RIGHT WING bullshit.) You will NEVER see my critics back up ANYTHING they say.

    READ Sandra’s comments again: ad hominem EMPTINESS. (EX: when I attack a Bloomberg, I use CONCRETE specifics. ex: “he broke 100% of his 2001 campaign promises — which is felony fraud — such as his promise that NO taxdollars would go to stadiums; that he would never again outspend an opponent (!!); that he would not hinder PUBLIC information and keep no secrets as mayor; and hundreds more”.


    You’ll also note “Sandra” posted this FOUR YEARS after the piece was posted! WACKY fact, eh?

    (I’m searching for content on the web about me for LAWSUITS, since 100% of news organizations spread LIES about me b/c they got tons of cash from…. BLOOMBERG!)

    THE VERY FACT THAT THE PERSON WHO RUNS THIS BLOG QUOTED THE NYPOST — who themselves have said they’ve gotten the facts wrong on LITERALLY over 200,000 occasions! _– says it all.

    GOVT SPREADS LIES ABOUT PEOPLE WHO EXPOSE THEIR BULLSHIT, from Galileo to Socrates to Gandhi to MLKjr to Malcolm X.


    Every single “educated” “liberal” i’ve ever met still blindly trusts govt and media!


    Considering I was already famous for being FALSELY ARRESTED BY NYC GOVT for exposing the lies of GIULIANI, no one was smart enough to think “hey, maybe City Hall [who run the police, judges, DAs, and MY “own” Public Defender lawyers!!] [think ANY “Fix” was in, maybe?] IS FRAMING CXB YET AGAIN?”



    I should stay in jail, b/c that’s the ONLY place on earth where EVERYONE knows the legal system is 100% CORRUPT.

    In fact, when they jailed me for 12 MONTHS for misdemeanor speech, that ONE FACT ALONE was fatal to their scam. It PROVED I did NOT break the law…. this was a POLITICAL HIT JOB, just like the right wing HIRING cute gals to flirt with moron Anthony Weiner on Twitter to trap the idiot, who fell for it perfectly, ending his career and mayoral campaign.

    HOW do you explain that the guy who STABBED ME 8 TIMES and almost killed me in 1991 was given FIVE HOURS total in jail for being CONVICTED??!

    That ends ALL debate right there.

    Many murderers do NO jail time, but a guy charged with SPEECH (!!) gets 12 MONTHS in jail? (I served 7, for good time.)


    The author NOTES that I anger POWERFUL PEOPLE by telling the truth… and then does a whole post about how Maybe Powerful People Did NOT Silence Him For Telling The Truth!!


    Now do you see why I’ve wanted to die since age 5.

    That 2 billion people said they believed in a VIRGIN BIRTH is all you need to know.

    The entire human race MUST die off. They are the root of ALL evil.

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