Broussard : Joe Johnson, Knicks Willing To Settle For Each Other

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We’re about 96 hours away from the start of the craziest NBA free agency period in recent memory and while the machinations of the LeBron James camp will continue to dominate most headlines, it appears the New York Knicks are already gearing themselves up for the consolation prizes.  ESPN’s Marc Broussard reports Donnie Walsh and Mike D’Antoni will meet with Joe Johnson in Los Angeles Thursday morning, prior to a discussion with James later that afternoon.  More damning, Broussard characterizes Johnson’s interest in New York as something slightly different than a burning desire to lift the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

While the Hawks hope to keep Johnson in Atlanta, several sources said the Knicks have emerged as his first choice. If they must lose him, the Hawks’ preference is to work out a sign-and-trade deal with the Knicks.

But if no players on the Knicks’ roster appeal to Atlanta, Johnson, believing he will make up the difference through endorsements and through buying stock shares in Madison Square Garden, is willing to take less money to play with the Knicks, according to sources.

Whatever the case, the Knicks could offer Johnson a maximum-salary contract worth approximately $96 million over five years, or a deal worth $125 million over six years through a sign-and-trade.

Anyone who witnessed Johnson’s performance during Atlanta’s first round loss to Milwaukee who believes this is a wise investment on Walsh’s part, raise your hand.  Rick Sund, your vote doesn’t count.

4 responses to “Broussard : Joe Johnson, Knicks Willing To Settle For Each Other”

  1. justin bailey says:

    wow. joe johnson. that’s why they will never win a championship.

    from the unhappy knicks fan

  2. izzy says:

    JJ would be the reason the knicks lose not just their salary cap but many more fans, this guy is the worst of all the free agents and to sign a max with him would be like giving atlanta NY next 5 first round picks.

  3. Doknicks says:

    Please unhappy Knick fan, you as much a Knick fan as ESPN. JJ would be nice addition and with the games the other so call top free agents are playing, make sense to see where JJ mindset is prior to speaking to LBJ. As for the Bulls, this is the ? coach sent Phil was ran out of town.

  4. Onelio Rodriguez Jr says:

    It would be a consolation prize; but to pay him a max contract I would honestly think about it. JJ should be one of the consolation prize according to his playoff performance. If they can pay JJ a descent contract for 5 years. Plus add Rudy Gay to the mix. Plus give the 44 pick some playing time to become a threat in the middle. Also make a trade for a legalimate point guard and keep David Lee. To include the possiblities of Eddy Curry contract coming off the book and acquire Carmelo Anthony for the 2011 season we would be fine. Plus we need to get Defensive minded in the East. I would say it again Defense win games.

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