Bulls, Pistons Prepare To Break The Bank For Big Ben

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Along with predicting that Phoenix’s Amare Stoudemire will miss the entire 2005-2006 season, the Detroit News’ Chris McCosky looks ahead to Ben Wallace’s impending free agency.

Keep your eyes on the Bulls next July, when they take the $20 million in cap space they will have and start wooing free agent Ben Wallace (above).

The Bulls were a playoff team with Eddy Curry in the middle. With Wallace, they could be a title contender.

The Bulls and the Atlanta Hawks, the franchise closest to Wallace’s home in Alabama, will be the two teams that come after Wallace the hardest.

But rest easy for now. The Pistons aren’t going to let their foundation, the face of their organization, simply walk out of the door.

The Pistons have been prudently preparing for Wallace’s eventual free agency the past few years. They should be in a position to reward him with the most lucrative contract offer in Pistons history.

The Pistons have signed defensive wiz Tayshun Prince to a 5 year, $47 million extension.

2 responses to “Bulls, Pistons Prepare To Break The Bank For Big Ben”

  1. kwame kilpatrick says:

    Won’t happen. The Bulls will throw stupid cash at him, but Wallace is too competitive to leave a team that will have a legit shot at a title for the next 3-4 years at least, assuming no major roster shifts due to injury, etc.

    In all seriousness, how often does the “clearing cap room to make a move for Player X” thing work anymore? Seems the batting average is pretty low these days…

  2. CSTB says:

    point taken, especially as Detroit can offer their own player substantially more than another team.

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