Bullshit Marketing (Mashup) Alert

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Though Major League Soccer deserves some props for not inviting The Click Five to perform at their championship game two years in a row, not since the NBA allowed Cowboy Troy to ruin the 2005 All-Star Weekend has any major sports league (or minor, in this instance) come up with something as contrived and dopey as the MLS Mashups campaign.

Particularly bizarre is the league and Adidas’ selection of hubby & wife duo Mates Of State as the musicial representatives of the New England Revolution. Presumably, the Mates moved from San Francisco to New Haven because they were depressed over the Earthquakes leaving San Jose. But even if MLS couldn’t find one appropriate band from the Greater Foxboro area (and no, I’m not gonna suggest one), how about the matter of M.O.S.’ geographic eligibility? New Haven is 128.5 miles from Foxboro. The band’s alleged residence is only 85 miles from East Rutherford, NJ, home of the former MetroStars. So what’s the deal here? If it’s all totally random, why not just invent bands for the specific purpose of being sneaker pimps — preferably with better names and songs?

The entire desperate exercise is only slightly mitigated in that I saw no mention of any of this during last weekend’s coverage of the MLS playoffs. When Shep Messing is embarrassed to talk about it, you’ve really gone too far.

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3 responses to “Bullshit Marketing (Mashup) Alert”

  1. ds says:

    ok. okay. since the band of candians i am on tour with just took me out for a delicious ruth’s chris meal and got me drunk for the first (and only!) time this tour (i am a professional) i’ll come right out with it and say what we (me) are all thinking here: besides all the good points you just made Gerard, the mates of states S U C K.
    i have two (french) words for the MLS: LE PESTE.

  2. GC says:

    I’m just sad there’s not an Adrenalin O.D. revivial in the cards for the former MetroStars.

  3. jere says:

    Wow, I clicked the comments because I know the Mates of State people (ex girlfriend went to college with the woman), and I see another comment which mentions AOD, a band with a member I know even better (same ex girlfriend was a roommate of his.). Weird. Very weird.

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