But Enough About The Pole Vaulter : Is Suzyn Waldman Your Screen Saver, And If So, Why?

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One of the longest headlines in CSTB’s history is inspired by the following tirade from the New York Daily News’ Gallagher lookalike media critic Bob Raissman, who claims WCBS’ Suzyn Waldman (above) has been “receiving perverted E-mails and crank telephone calls” inspired by her over the top reaction to Roger Clemens’ appearance at Yankee Stadium 4 weeks ago.

Well-embedded Yankee moles tell me that deviants, who get their kicks harassing women, have come out of the woodwork and landed on Waldman.

These creeps are fueled each and every time they hear some sports talkie play the tape of Waldman going gaga over Clemens’ arrival. Playing this tape has become the macho thing to do.

The reaction of these losers has caused Waldman to react. This is why she tore into WFAN’s Chris (Mad Dog) Russo on Saturday, May 19, prior to the Mets-Yankees tilt. Dog told Waldman “(He and Mike Francesa) were just having some fun,” by playing the tape.

Waldman declined comment when asked about all this. The only thing she would say is she has been forced to check into hotels under assumed names and have the phone in her room completely shut down.

Apparently, the sick reaction directed at Waldman is of absolutely no concern to sports talkies around the country. They continue playing the Waldman tape. Of course, they are encouraged by their bosses. They think it’s good for business.

“The demographic has changed. The audience has changed. The tone has changed,” she said. “Things have gotten mean. I find it very sad.”

Waldman has always been a realist. Her love of the game has driven her to land one of the most coveted jobs in baseball. The high-profile nature of her assignment, along with her pioneer status in the business, comes with a price.

“It shows you we have not come very far,” Waldman said. “There are a lot worse things in the world than me getting excited on the air.”

While I wish Ms. Waldman no ill will whatsoever, it should be noted that not all mockery of her work has been sexist or threatening in nature. I sincerely hope Raissman’s reports of harrassment are exaggerated, but there should be some distinction between making fun of the broadcaster based on the quality of her work and genuinely menacing her. Waldman’s colleague John Sterling has been a target of columnists, bloggers and radio hosts for eons, though knowing his inflated sense of self, perhaps he too, would consider this the price for being a pioneer in the business.

There’s nothing funny about Suzyn Waldman fearing for her safety. There is, however, something very funny about her contribution to the All-Time Blooper Reel, and had a male announcer been responsible for a similar outburst, it is fair to presume some degree of public ridicule would’ve been forthcoming.

2 responses to “But Enough About The Pole Vaulter : Is Suzyn Waldman Your Screen Saver, And If So, Why?”

  1. WeWanttheFunk says:

    Couldn’t agree more about taking broadcasters and writers to task for mailing it in, driving a blunt point, grandstanding, and all similar and relevant offenses.
    However, Suzyn has a point here; there are enough annoying, lack-luster, boring and unintentionally funny practitioners of sports media to provide cannon fodder. Nonetheless, Waldman continues to feel the heat for that turkey more than a month after the fact because she’s an easy target. The infantry who support sports media – and especially sports radio – are less likely to empathize with Suz than her equally absurd and male counterparts, Mike & the Mad Dog included.
    This isn’t to say that Waldman isn’t a fair target – she’s a beaut – but I suggest desk jocks like Cowherd and his contemporaries are giddy with material that isn’t so close to their archetype.

  2. GC says:

    I take your point, however, Waldman is in a somewhat different position as a Yankee broadcaster than a drivetime yack-jock like Cowherd. The latter has never in his career been in a position where something he uttered could be so easily played over and over again by any number of outlets. In Suzyn’s case, her own station continues make her going verklempt over da Rocket available in streaming form.

    I can’t disagree about Waldman being an easy target and do wish she (or someone else) had a vehicle to return fire. Interesting that Raissman noted Michael Kay calling Francesca “a pseudo journalist.” I might have to start listening to 1050 am a little more often.

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