Capital Punishment : CSTB Night Out At RFK

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(DC’s Ryan Zimmerman, doubling off Big Bully Brett Myers in the 3rd)

Nationals 3, Phillies 2 (middle of the 6th)

It cost me a mere $3 USD to see Ramon Ortiz duel Brett “I Kissed Her But It Felt Like Spousal Battery” Myers, a great entertainment value even if the security guards couldn’t direct me to Wizznutzz’ luxury box.

How did Joe Theismann manage to make RFK’s Washington Hall Of Stars banner, while neither Pentagram nor Mark Robinson made the cut? Hopefully the Nats’ new ownership group will look into this.

Chase Utley and Ryan Howard have a pair of singles apiece. There have been repeated “MVP” chants for the latter, as RFK is filled with dudes sporting Steve Carlton, Lenny Dykstra and Mike Schmidt jerseys. No Kruk Kustom models, however.

I don’t grasp the relevance of ZZ Top’s “Tush” as Billy Traber’s warm-up music. At moments like this, I could really use Todd Jones on speed dial.

(UPDATE : Nats 4, Phillies 3.  As mentioned by Chuck Meehan in the comments below, Philly was royally jobbed when a 2nd inning 3 run HR by Chase Utley was ruled a foul ball, despite replays showing otherwise.  The loser of every argument this century, Charlie Manuel, vented.

“Somebody’s got to see it. And I want to tell you something — the … umpire has to see it, too. We play all year long and we’re trying to get somewhere and all we need is for somebody to miss a call like that. It’s terrible. It’s absolutely unreal. But at the same time … we could’ve scored more runs and we didn’t.”

I’ll tell you what’s absolutely unreal, Charlie.  That Screech is so fucking aloof in person.  Doesn’t MySpace friendship mean anything anymore?)

4 responses to “Capital Punishment : CSTB Night Out At RFK”

  1. Chuck Meehan says:

    Gerard- By any chance were you near the RF foul pole? Major outrage amongst Phillies fans at the Utley foul ball which replays showed glancing off the foul pole. The umps missed it, the angle from the Phillies dugout would have been a bad angle to judge and Phillies first base coach Marc Bombard missed it. Even the Nats announcers said that it was a HR. If the Phillies fall one game short of the playoffs, this phantom HR will go down in God Hates Philadelphia lore, but then again, the Phillies had numerous opportunities to blow the game open early.

  2. wizznutzz says:

    You’re in our hood & you don’t invite us out for wine coolers & horse porn? THE NERVE!!!

  3. GC says:

    w –

    you can call it horse porn. I prefer to think of it as a perfectly tame dust jacket to a critically acclaimed book.

  4. Chuck Meehan says:

    I do not advocate umpires reviewing plays by video (imagine how long Bobby Cox or Tony LaRussa would delay games) but after last night, I would advocate sensors put on foul poles that would indicate if a ball touches the foul pole (and the location to avoid a situation where a fan throws a ball at the pole) and portable handheld monitors given to the respective umpires. However, the phantom HR was in the third inning and the Phillies squandered numerous opportunities to make that call moot. Pat Burrell has now claimed the crown of Philly whipping boy and deservedly so for his continual called-third strikes and pop-ups in opportunities where a hit or even a fly ball is needed. His horrible ABs in pressure situations are not a result of tough luck, it is choking under pressure.

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