Carlos Ruiz Channels Albert Belle

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While Phillies C Carlos Ruiz earned a standing O from the CBP patrons for his attempt to knock the Padres’ Marcus Giles into left field during last night’s 14-3 loss, the Friars seem unlikely to forgive and forget, writes the Union-Tribue’s Chris Jenkins.

œ(Expletive) play, just an (expletive) slide, said winning pitcher Greg Maddux, normally given to more diplomacy in his postgame remarks. œThere’s playing hard and playing dirty. That’s playing (expletive).

With no clear intent of actually getting anywhere near the bag on Giles’ double-play relay, Ruiz applied a flying cross-body block that not only wiped out Giles from the play and the game, but likely a number of games to come. Giles left an inning later with a hip pointer, apparently caused by Ruiz’s forearm, and is listed as day-to-day.

œHe wasn’t sliding, Marcus Giles said. œThat’s the only thing about it. I don’t mind a good play and I don’t mind a hard play. I get down on guys when they don’t make hard slides that take me out. You play this game hard and aggressive. But that wasn’t a slide at all.

After seeing the replay, Ruiz said he understood why Giles was angry.

œIt was a little high, Ruiz told The Associated Press. œI was just thinking about breaking up the double play. I was just playing hard.

I think Jack Tatum put it the same way, once upon a time.

While the White Sox haven’t done squat against Tim Wakefield today — the knuckleballer being the recipient of some healthy run support — it’s amazing to consider there’s actually a columnist in Wormtown who believes Daisuke Matzusaka’s won-loss record is an accurate reflection of his value to the Red Sox.

2 responses to “Carlos Ruiz Channels Albert Belle”

  1. My Hero Zero says:

    “(Expletive) play, just an (expletive) slide,” said winning pitcher Greg Maddux…”

    Without the benefit of audio or video evidence, I choose to believe Maddux actually said “expletive”…the immediately apologized for his language.

  2. Chuck Meehan says:

    Carlos Ruiz attempt to break up a double play was ill executed but hardly blatlantly dirtly. Giles stepped into Ruiz (and hence was hurt) ,the end result understandably pissing off the Padres. The Philly scribes took this incident as being the backbraker that killed the Phillies playoff hopes, but in my opinion the real killer was the regrettable decision to allow the long-spent Tom Gordon to come into the 8th inning tonight with a 1 run lead. Not only did Gordon cough up the tying run, he did so to Milton Bradley, who had called out Philadelphia to consider him :” TO” and reveled in being the heel. This was a not only a critical loss, but one where their faces were rubbed in it.

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