Carroll Staying At USC

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In a development that should surprise absolutely no one, USC head football coach Pete Carroll has agreed to a contract extension with the school, the length of which is unspecified. There’s a Matt Leinart joke in here somewhere, but I’ve got to get up early tomorrow.

Given that say, unlike Charlie Weis, Carroll has actually won something, he had more than a little leverage. And while the prospect of Carroll ever returning the NFL seemed terribly farfetched, it would’ve been great to see how the league might’ve coped with his unique sense of humor.

Shame they can’t give Reggie Bush a contract extension, though.

Michigan are currently leading Nebraska, 21-17 in the Mastercard Alamo Bowl, with another quarter to play. Though I have no rooting interest, every time a Bill Callahan-coached team, pro or college, loses, another dead kitten comes back to life, break dances and hands out free gum.

(postscript : hillarious finish to this one, all it needed was a tuba player getting creamed. Well, that and Bill Callahan being electrocuted. The Wolverines lost 5 games this year by a combined total of 21 points. Even Marty Schottenheimer is shaking his head).

4 responses to “Carroll Staying At USC”

  1. Jon Solomon says:

    How did Michigan blow a three-on-one fast break on that lateral schmoz?

  2. CSTB says:

    It’s worth watching again with the sound off, just to see if you can stop yelling. I take back what I said about the lack of a rooting interest — this could’ve been the greatest ending, ever (‘cept for a tuba player not being maimed)

  3. kt says:

    that’s a handsome kitty.

  4. CSTB says:

    as the Nebraska football program slips into mediocrity, that kitty grows big and strong. With the Cornhuskers’ comeback win last night, he began to shudder and shake, expectorating a hairball the size of Delaware. I sense a pattern here that all cat guardians should be wary of.

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