Chin Up, QPR Fans – Nelson Piquet Jr. Might Prove To Be Briatore’s Howie Spira

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Of all the possible scenarios that might’ve resulted in Flavio Briatore divesting himself of interests in Queens Park Rangers, not once did I consider the likelihood that a Formula One ban would come to bear on the former Renault boss’ soccer interests.¬† But no one should look a gift horse in the mouth, as the Daily Mail explains :

The disciplinary action, imposed on Briatore¬† for instructing a driver to deliberately crash, appears to put him in direct violation of the League’s ‘fit and proper person test’.

The test stipulates that an owner, prospective owner or director of a club should not be ‘subject to a ban from a sports governing body relating to the administration of their sport.’

A Football League spokesman said: ‘The Football League chairman, Lord Mawhinney, has today written to the FIA to request further details of its decision.

‘Thereafter, the League will consider its position on the matter.’

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