Chunky Gloop : Mama McNabb’s Musings

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With the revived Jeff Garcia providing the catalyst for the Iggles’ playoff push, at least one person is firmly fixated on the single most important consideration : what does this all mean for Donovan McNabb’s career? (link taken from Pro Football Talk)

The win this week was great and I could actually say that’s what I wanted for Christmas. Yes, now we have solidly beat the Cowboys with my son and without him. But I can hear you asking, mama McNabb what are you really thinking? Well here it is, the real deal. It’s kind of bitter sweet for me as my son, the quarterback sits out on injured reserved watching the game during his rehab. I polled my family too and they feel the same. We want our team to win and even go to the Superbowl and win it in Miami especially if they continue to play as they have. But oh oh, if they win the Superbowl without my son, what would be the real outcome with the fans? Will they crucify him? Maybe, then the trade talks would begin. Off season madness, worse than last year’s fiasco. But guess what, I guess I’ll have to take the beating if it comes. I would have to hope that scenario of the madness would not happen or be that bad. Well let’s wait and see. Bitter sweet.

4 responses to “Chunky Gloop : Mama McNabb’s Musings”

  1. Chuck Meehan says:

    I wonder if Ms McNabb isnt deep down hoping that Donovan gets traded to the Bears as she reportedly has never warmed up to Philly after her son was booed
    on draft day.

  2. jason says:

    I miss Ann Iverson.

  3. howard in nyc says:

    like ai’s mom, ai, mmc is just keepin’ it real.

  4. Chuck Meehan says:

    The “maybe trade talks will begin” is a Freudian slip/wishful thinking from Ms McNabb. Other than the usual racist weirdos, Igglephans did not lay the midseason woes on McNabb and correctly sussed that the problem was weak run D and Andy Reids passaholic playcalling. Both have been corrected. The funniest thing is that the ignoroid element ( WIP and their loyal dumbass listeners) did not give Jeff Garcia any benefit of the doubt, were clamoring for AJ Feeley to start and actually loudly booed in disgust when Garcia picked himself up off the ground at a point where it looked he may have been hurt and Feeley was going to come in….Again, Wilma McNabbs first impression of Igglephans was the drunken busload of dipshits that WIP bussed up to cheer what they thought was going to be a Ricky Williams pick and as much as she is somewhat of a borderline celeb she does not do any appearances in Philly other than attend games.

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