Civil Rights Be Damned, Doyel’s Worried About AZ Property Values

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Whether or not you believe Gregg Doyel loses all credibility in calling Phoenix, AZ “one of the biggest and brightest cities in this country”, CBS Sports’ resident shit-stirrer is quick to offer a defense of SB1070, insisting “you’re not hearing about the creeping third-world kudzu spreading into Phoenix and throughout Arizona.”

It’s easy for George Vecsey, and for people like him, to urge MLB players and other rich athletes to make a stand against Arizona’s immigration law when people like Vecsey, and most of those rich athletes, aren’t the ones trying to live there.

People are dying in Phoenix. They are being yanked from their homes on a daily basis and tortured, mutilated, killed. Why? Because there are some bad people in Phoenix. Not the legal citizens of Phoenix, no. I don’t mean them. I mean the illegals. Not all of them or even most of them, obviously, but by and large illegal immigrants are responsible, according to police, for most of the home invasions and kidnappings and tortures.

I know that property values in Arizona are dropping faster than almost anywhere else in this country. And I know that Arizona has massive crime issues, particularly of the drug-and-violence variety. In recent years its murder rate has been two and even three times the national average, and police blame the disproportionate nature of those numbers on the influx of illegal immigrants.

Is there the possibility of racial profiling in Arizona, where police with “reasonable suspicion” can ask for verification that a person isn’t an illegal immigrant? Sure there is. Police aren’t looking for thieves or drug dealers, who by definition could be anyone. They’re looking for illegal immigrants. If you can remove the issue of “race” from the search for “illegal immigrants,” please tell me how to do that. Until someone figures it out, I’m inclined to let the police of Arizona do their job.

If there’s such a strong relationship between plummeting property values and illegal immigration, how is it that Forbes‘ January 2010 list of cities with the fastest falling home prices included not one Arizona burg? Sure, City No. 1, San Diego, is close enough to the border, but is immigration from Mexico really what’s plaguging property owners inĀ  No. 2, Salt Lake City?

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  1. GDA says:

    Just because two cities experience the same economic end product in dropping property values, it does mean that they has to have the cause. That’s like Manhattan/NYC and Pittsburgh have economies dependent upon producing steel.

    As far as illegal aliens go they deservely should be kicked out, falling proprty values aren’t the only reason. Many work under the table and don’t pay taxes. They often work for people who get to low ball their price because, unlike their competitor who has everyone on their books and cannot meet their price and still make payroll.
    They also avail themselves of various public services they are not paying taxes to support. It is always gratifying to know when you go to the hospital, especially as if your self pay, that 30 to 40 precent of your bill is to pay the bills for the ones that can’t. Not strictly illegal immigrants.

    Profiling, well if your looking for an Al-qaeda terriorist make sure you waste time and resourses giving equal attention to all the white Western Euporeans and Asians entering our country.
    We got to stop being so politically correct that we do back flips not to offend or inconveniencing anyone. Of course, there should be some descretion used but do you really want to risk another Times Square bomber?

  2. GC says:

    I’ve tried to read the first paragraph of your comment 4 times and I can’t make heads or tails of it. Seriously, I have no idea where you’ve (struggled) to learn the English language, but I applaud your noble efforts to do so.

    “They often work for people who get to low ball their price because, unlike their competitor who has everyone on their books and cannot meet their price and still make payroll.”

    Here’s an interesting idea for you — why not try boycotting said lowballers, and see how many U.S. businesses are left by the time you’re done. If you honestly believe you’d still have the same goods and services at your disposal without the sweat of “illegals”, you’re as naive as you’re stupid.

    Actually, sir or madam, if you DON’T screen everyone entering the country with equal care and consideration, that’s almost the very definition of racial profiling. Though it’s pretty funny that someone who professes to be alarmed by illegal immigration thinks screening “white Western Euporeans and Asians” is a waste of time.

    Another Times Square bomber? How about another Timothy McVeigh?

  3. Rog says:

    Ahem, also the Times Square bomber was a U.S. citizen.

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