Clemens Challenges Findings of Internet Loudmouth (and others)

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Last week, Roger Clemens via You Tube, finally answered my unfounded charges (and those of the Michelin Report) that he used steroids. I’m more than a little miffed that, rather than face me and my questioning, Clemens has chosen to sit down with CBS’s Mike Wallace for a 60 MINUTES interview. It’s pure spite on The Rocket’s part, considering how long I’ve been investigating him and the endless hours I’ve spent on Google over this issue. Wallace, who no doubt got the interview because his son Chris Wallace is a big name at FOX News, has not reported a sports story since Abner Doubleday retired. No information yet on whether Clemens will fly out to Wallace (techinically, an away interview) or whether he will insist Wallace come to Texas.

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  1. bj_randolph says:

    Abner Doubleday? Seriously? You’ve already forgotten Wallace’s multiple interviews with Ricky Williams? In the one right after Williams’s first retirement, Wallace bets him dinner that he’ll play again. Fortunately for Wallace he didn’t specify “play competently”, but I have no information as to whether (or where) the bet was settled.

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