Conceptual Humorist Donnie Walsh Finally Ends The Frederic Weis Era

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(above, an example of the strong interior defense Weis can bring to the Houston Rockets)

Even if Patrick Ewing Jr. never plays a minute for the New York Knicks, the following item from Newsday’s Alan Hahn is the funniest Knickerbocker-related story since JD & The Straight Shot headlined the Cablevision Stage at Bonnaroo.

On Friday, the Knicks took a step in that direction by acquiring Ewing Jr., from the Houston Rockets for the rights to 1999 first-round bust Frederic Weis.

Ewing Jr., who graduated from his father’s alma mater, Georgetown, this spring, was drafted by the Sacramento Kings in the second round of the NBA Draft in June. He was then traded to the Rockets as part of the Ron Artest deal earlier this month.

wing Jr. does not have a guarantee with the Knicks, however, who now have 16 players on the roster. In order to make the team, Ewing Jr. will have to beat out a veteran or the Knicks will have to swing another trade. But in the meantime — and possibly in a few preseason games — there will be another No. 33 in a Knicks uniform. The blessing has already been given.

“He can wear anything he wants,” Ewing Sr., told Newsday in May. “He is me. He wore it at Georgetown and they can take it down from the rafters and put it on his back.”

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  1. Jimmy Qualls says:

    In unrelated news, four Knicks City Dancers are now pregnant and the cleaning crew at the Knicks practice facility in Saratoga Springs purchased XXL mops from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

  2. GC says:

    what, no Gold Club joke? There’s no such item as a XXL mop for sale at BB&B, Jimmy. In fact, I GUARANTEE you won’t find one.

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