Conclusive Proof Baseball’s Cocaine Problem Was Out Of Control In The ’80’s

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“I found some pretty embarrassing footage of Mariano Duncan,” writes Rog “and I’m not talking about his booting routine grounders at SS.”

“I grew up in LA and I don’t ever remember seeing this fine cinematic masterpiece. Orel Hershiser hasn’t made moves this bad since his last start for the Indians. Mike Scioscia is lucky that he kept a low profile, lest he wishes to see his ‘performance’ played on the big screen at Angel Stadium. Jerry Reuss has some pretty choice moments, too.”

Even with the above monstrosity fully in mind, I cannot claim the New York Mets don’t have a musical skeleton in their closet even scarier than Metal Mike Piazza’s Dream Theatre collection.

3 responses to “Conclusive Proof Baseball’s Cocaine Problem Was Out Of Control In The ’80’s”

  1. David Roth says:

    As scary as Rog’s spelling is — I’m not mad at you, homey — the prospect of between-takes conversations between Ed Begley Jr. (that is him getting out of the limo with the big glasses, right) and Pedro Guerrero are even more so. If I ever see that many satin jackets again, I…well, I guess I never expect to see that many satin jackets again. Also, yes, Reuss is aces.

  2. Rog says:

    And did they really still say ‘boogie’ in 1986? Maybe they were being ironic. Yeah, that’s it.

    Why hasn’t someone on Sports Center tortured Moral Orel about this yet?!?

  3. CosmicQueso says:

    Anyone else catch the Keith Hernandez in the crowd cameo? I think he was the one that brought the sugar to that party.

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