Conclusive Proof “Dream Job” Was A Poor Career Launching Pad

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If you think Mike Hall and Dee Brown have it rough, consider the plight of Zach Selwyn aka Zachariah.  With failed pilots and sundry G4 appearances under his belt (and I say this in only the nicest way possible), Zach has a considerable head start on becoming a real-life American answer to Alan Partridge another 10 or 15 years down the road.  There’s no infomercial on his c.v. yet, but give the man some time.

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  1. Timothy Cook says:

    CSTB, this might be the worst “Bidding War Alert” of all time–not the most entertaining, or interesting, or anything…just The Worst.

    Again, this probably is inappropriate to mention in light of the Benoit tragedy and the release of the Kevin Sullivan video, but please know luxrock.com is still going stronger than ever–more nutritional supplements and added another member, apparently (a 7 piece with Greg Anderson of BALCO [not SUNN0)))]?). And, yes, drummer TJ Styyles still dresses like a ninja.

    Speaking of CSTB categories, why is it that “Buildings Shaped Like Cocks”, “Sad Toilets”, and “Basketball” get individual categories, when something as obviously necessary as “Bidding War Alerts” go without for, what, 5 years?

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