Congratulations, Phillies …

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[Just caught up with this on MLB network’s “classics,” and I don’t think its over rated at all.]

It’s December 30th, and I didn’t want to let 2008 run out without finally wishing a hearty congratulations to the World Champion Phillies and their fans.  Better late than when hell freezes over never.  I know, I know, for Cub fans, 2008 was “our year.” “Our Year.”  What a sad fucking joke.  Leaves a tinny, metallic taste in my mouth just to say it.  But I’m over all that now.  And not wishing Jason Cohen and Chuck Meehan a congratulations would be petty no matter how I feel.   Congrats.  See Gerard, I’m classy when the situation calls for it.  At least Obama won, so that’s something.

3 responses to “Congratulations, Phillies …”

  1. Rog says:

    Obama won?

  2. Chuck Meehan says:

    Thank you Ben. If it is of any consolation, consider that talent-wise, the Cubs
    certainly arent a team with a rapidly closing window and there isnt a team in the NL Central that should even come close to the Cubs in 2009. At the very least, another crack at the rings next October is a given. Things could be a lot worse, like you could be a SF Giants, Pirates or Orioles fan.

  3. Tim Cook says:

    Or a Mariners fan!

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