Country’s Mindy McCready : Knocking Sean Bell Off The Front Page

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File under : couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

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  1. David Roth says:

    “During another Big Apple excursion, the two holed up in the trendy SoHo Grand and later partied with Monica Lewinsky and Michael Jordan. McCready, according to a source, even bummed a cigar off His Airness to give to Clemens.”

    I just…I don’t know, I felt like that detail needed to be attached to this story. I think this is a buried lead. Yeah, maybe Clemens had some sort of relationship with a woman who — from the details given — seems to be a nightmare of dysfunction. But…were Lewinsky and Jordan there together? Is it mandatory that the word “cigar” has to appear in every paragraph in which Lewinsky’s name is mentioned?

  2. Rog says:

    That whole report sounds like a Penthouse Forum letter.

  3. GC says:


    yeah, i know. hot stuff, right!

    seriously folks, i think this would ordinarily fall outside of the public’s right to know, but i don’t maintain consistent standards when it comes to mocking the Rocket.

    And I’m genuinely distressed the tale of 28 year old Clemens doing-whatever with the 15 year old McCready wasn’t enough to knock the Miley Cyrus – Annie Leibovitz pic off the cover of the NY Post.

  4. Ben Schwartz says:

    “The relationship with McCready paints a very different picture of Clemens than the one drawn by Jose Canseco in his book ‘Juiced,’ where he went out of his way to say that Clemens was one of very few professional ballplayers who was faithful to his wife.”

    Whoa … Jose Canseco’s rep as an investigative reporter is going down the tubes along with Clemens? Will someone please give me someone to believe in?


  5. Timothy Cook says:

    I am impressed that the Rocket’s allegedly ‘roid-reduced testies could maintain an alleged good decade’s use in the alleged service of two women if you count the ever-muscular Debbie Clemens (and I do!).

  6. Ben Schwartz says:

    I also take Clemens at his word that there was no “inappropriate relationship” with the underage mom-beater, Mindy McCready – at least from the point of view of a man who allows another man to inject his wife’s butt with illegal steroids.


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