Cowherd, Listeners Struggle With Art/Reality Divide

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In the wake of Michael Richards’ ugly public meltdown last Friday night, and subsequent apology/meltdown on “Late Night With David Letterman” yesterday, ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd tackled this sensitive issue with his usual aplomb Tuesday morning.

Trouble is, Cowherd and his acolytes continually refered to the contrite N-bomb dropper as “Kramer”.

While I have no stake in “Seinfeld” DVD sales nor Kenny Kramer’s suddenly ill-fated tours of the nation’s dinner theatres, the following needs to be stressed : “Cosmo Kramer” was a character on a television series. A very popular television series, but a work of fiction, nonetheless. Michael Richards, however, is an actual, living, breathing person. Whether or not being so closely identified with one iconic character could in any way be traced to an inability to cope with life’s obstacles (being heckled, “Airheads”, etc.) I can’t say for sure. I mean, we’ve not witnessed Mark Hamill going nuts (though it’ll be on YouTube when and if he does). But it would probably make sense, just for the sake of consistency, if nothing else, to acknowledge this unsavory episode was not the handiwork of Kramerica Industries’ CEO.

3 responses to “Cowherd, Listeners Struggle With Art/Reality Divide”

  1. jere says:

    You know what kills me? “JJ Walker.” Because people are even more sure they’re right about that one.

    I remember seeing Richards on Leno once, and Leno called him “Kramer” a couple of times. That was embarrassing.

  2. Ben Schwartz says:

    I wonder if that guy in NYC who gives the “Seinfeld” tour and claims Larry David based the whole Kramer character on him is finally shutting up?


  3. GC says:

    that would be the aforementioned Kenny Kramer.

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