Cowherd & The LPGA : Speak English Or Die

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(above – composers of the new “SportsCenter” theme music)

Persons who might have a problem with the LPGA’s new policy requiring it’s golfers to learn English or face suspension are in the words of ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd, “ascot-wearing, dot-EDU, America-haters.” To which I can only reply, Le Anne, bust out the whoopin’ stick.  I realize Cowherd works within a very deliberate d-bag radio format and saying provocative shit is a big part of his job description. But that a major broadcaster — one owned by Disney, no less — would encourage this tired, sub-Ed Anger routine is a fucking embarrassment to everyone affiliated with the company.  That Cowherd finds something sinister about multiculturalism is hardly out of character, but the popped-collar Archie Bunker spiel coupled with what can only be described as a phobia of those even slightly more intelligent than the morning mouthpiece, succeeds in tainting the entire ESPN operation.  At least Wally George was funny.

3 responses to “Cowherd & The LPGA : Speak English Or Die”

  1. Rog says:

    Anybody got the photoshop skills to paint in an ascot on a pic of Mr. Cowshit?


  3. Gary says:

    Wally George funny?? Want to ask his daughter, Rebacca DeMornay, about THAT?? LMMFAO
    As for “Coward” Cowherd, he’s got a BIG problem with the University of Virginia (which is an hour away from me)…referring to “Mr. Jefferson’s University” as “elitist”. So he was ALREADY on my shit list to start with.
    He’s a fricking Jim Rome never-was, is what he is. End of story.

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