Crawford Busts Out

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The Knicks’ Jamal Crawford (above) is exasperating, frustrating, perplexing, and every now and then, a ridiculously exciting scorer. Wednesday night against his old team, Crawford was nothing if not transcedent, scoring 28 points (8 for 14 from the floor, a perfect 10 for 10 from the line) in New York’s 109-101 victory over the Bulls.

Playing for crucial stretches with Crawford, Stephon Marbury (18 points, 12 for 14 on free throws) and Nate Robinson (14 points, no turnovers) on the floor at once, this was by far the Knicks’ most impressive collective performance of the season, erasing a 10 point Chicago lead with a ferocious 4th quarter played with the sort of intensity you’d expect to see in June…from another team.

Though blasting Isiah Thomas has become something of a cottage industry around here, his drafting of Channing Frye is looking like his sharpest move as a New York exec. Admittedly, that’s faint praise, but Frye had another terrific night at both ends (21 points, 8 rebounds) and seems to possess the sort of skills that will make everyone forget Marcus Camby.

Or rather, forget that Marcus Camby was traded for Antonio McDyes (sorry, Isiah)

3 responses to “Crawford Busts Out”

  1. The Zoner says:

    Larry Brown praised Crawford’s defense. And I can tell you from his years with the Bulls, Jamal plays defense in one or two games a year no matter what.

  2. CSTB says:

    for the final 12 minutes, both Marbury and Crawford were playing D like they’d been getting yelled at by a sickly old man for the past several weeks. I mean, the Knicks are just a day away from getting killed by the Pistons, so I’m hesistant to make too much out of one game, but a slim slice of hope is better than nothing.

    a certain dipshit who might’ve been too busy to actually watch the game noted the disparity in free throws, but that’s what happens when Crawford and Marbury take it to the basket….they get knocked down, draw fouls, etc.

  3. The Zoner says:

    Crawford obviously wanted to show Skiles, which is odd considering he didn’t when he was actually on the Bulls. If Larry Brown can get those 2 to play together AND play D, well, then he is the coach of the millenium. Scratch that–the greatest coach in the history of the united planets.

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