CSTB : Not Guilty Of Cockblocking Leitch

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Though I’m not entirely sure what’s newsworthy about this not-so-humble blog receiving an (automated?) link from ESPN.com (particularly as Henry Abbot has already gone to judicious lengths to debate NSFW / SFW-tendencies), I’m gonna enjoy a tasty luncheon of delicious ironing over Will Leitch feigning umbrage over the WWL failing to include Deadspin amongst their linked sports sites.

We thank CSTB for its blog roll service and thoroughly endorse the site for a position at Page 2, but if only they can keep saying “cock.”

I’d like to think a thin, fleeting slice of recognition for CSTB from a beta section at ESPN.com and said organization’s blackballing of a mainstream competitor dangerous threat to the status quo like Leitch are entirely coincidental. And while I’m grateful for the job recommendation from Mr. Leitch, I really can’t afford the pay cut. But as far as moving to Olbermann’s least favorite city is concerned, to paraphrase one of my favorite blogs (one strangely absent from Deadspin or ESPN’s blogrolls), you go live in Bristol, Will.

Rather than confuse cheap-ass notoriety with some kind of achievement, I’m instead going to boycott ESPN.com for the remainder of the week or until they appoint the guy from Nosebleeds NFL Blog to determine some sort of fair link policy (perhaps in collaboration with the ombudslady), whichever comes first.

5 responses to “CSTB : Not Guilty Of Cockblocking Leitch”

  1. Rog says:

    I came across an advance readers copy of your buddy Leitch’s upcoming book and if it’s not in the garbage tomorrow morning, I can send it to you if you’re in need of some reading material in your bathroom. Or maybe I should actually come across it (as in ‘ejaculate onto it’); I haven’t decided yet.

  2. GC says:

    be sure to let us know when you’ve made up your mind, Rog. I take it there are some hot photos? Or at the very least some steamy passages about Rick Ankiel?

  3. Ward York says:

    As someone that lives a stone’s throw away from Bristol (assuming the thrown stone can hitch a ride on I-84), I wouldn’t mind someone from the sports blogosphere cognoscenti moving in-state so as to depreciate property values enough that I can afford to buy a fucking house & earn some goddamn equity. Or maybe Rog can come on over (as in “to visit Ben Dover & his sister Eileen”).

  4. Ward York says:

    I don’t know what my problem is re: the cussing in my previous comment, but I apologize like a motherfucker.

  5. GC says:


    I’m pretty sure that when and if I do return to the state I was born in, I’ll be renting rather than buying. But that’s only if I can get some p.t. work at the Monoman Birthplace & Museum Gift Shoppe.

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