CSTB Postings To Cease For The Next 60 Minutes…

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…because it is time for lunch.

5 responses to “CSTB Postings To Cease For The Next 60 Minutes…”

  1. John O says:

    Turns out Jessica Hopper had you pegged after all. Meaty eater!

  2. kt says:

    have i ever mentioned that if i win the lottery i’m going to hire a midget to serve as a bacon caddy? he’ll just follow me around with a plate of bacon so that it’s always within arm’s reach. or maybe a team of midgets so i’ll always have WARM bacon within arms reach.

  3. ben schwartz says:

    Los Angelenos like Zankou ok, but on Hwd. Blvd. and Gower, katty korner from the Music Box theater, sits Al-Wazir Chicken which easily matches any other roast in town. I fully expect Mr. Moreno and the Angels to adopt a roast chicken as the halos’ new mascot to tie in with LA’s rottisserie baseball and chicken craze.


  4. CSTB says:


    would you hurry up and start a blog so I can sent you 3 or 4 hundred defensive messages?

  5. d. mosurock says:

    Your photos of delicious chickens taunt those of us with high blood pressure.

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