Cubs Acquire Nevin

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The Human Trade Rumor, 1B Phil Nevin (above, right), is taking his .216 batting average to Wrigley. Texas traded Nevin to the Cubs Wednesday in exchange for Jerry Hairston Jr.

For Chicago, desperately seeking a way of replacing Derrek Lee’s production, there’s little to lose, particularly as the Rangers are picking up the lion’s share of Nevin’s salary. But even a lion would’ve known better than to have signed Chan Ho Park and A-Rod to those massive deals, so perhaps such a statement is grossly unfair to one of the animal kingdom’s most beautiful specimens.

The offensively challenged Cubs have continued to struggle tonight, managing just a pair of Juan Pierre singles against the Reds’ Eric Milton, as Cincinnati leads, 3-0 through 7 innings. Ken Griffey Jr.(above, rubbing noses with Ryan Dunn) has a pair of RBI’s, one of them coming on a solo HR off Carlos Zambrano in the 6th. Zambrano can commiserate with Pedro Martinez (and Brandon Webb) on the lack of run support they’ve received tonight, though hopefully Carlos won’t insist he was the winning pitcher if the Reds lose the game.

3 responses to “Cubs Acquire Nevin”

  1. Bob Cook says:

    Speaking of the Cubs, a Lego re-enactment of the Pierzynski-Barrett brawl:


  2. ds says:

    in ohio you would say that they were eskimo kissing. you might say it in alaska too.

  3. ben schwartz says:

    Lee’s injury was the perfect excuse to make some moves to bring a 2nd big hitter to Chi, altho as soon as he was down the Tribco made noise about how there was no one available. Can we get Sammy back? What’s Rafael Palmiero doing? Billy Williams sang “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” last night … they don’t have anything to lose … btw, Don Zimmer joined him for the duet. Considering that the Cubs line-up previous musical guests have included Vedder, Korn, Buffett, and Billy Corgan, I’m not complaining.


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