Cusack Buys a New Hat, Cubs Beat Reds, 3-2

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Chicago Cubs' Carlos Zambrano (38) points to the fans as actor ...


[At issue, John Cusack’s openly “bi” lifestyle “ seen (up top) at today’s game, and below, at a South Side “pride” parade]

In one of the ballsier moves of an already impressive public career, John Cusack appeared today at Wrigley, no doubt to get in front of the open challenge to his Chicago citizenship and his childhood memories not squaring with anyone’s spelling dictionary. Cusack is taking heat for what the conservative East Coast Media Biased NY POST sees as a phony Chicago sports fandom and what the more fair-minded, less New York centric, Galaata.com of Kaanchan, India, feels is simply “typos.” The CSTB Cubs desk has no problem with Cusack, loves his movies, and only wishes to capitalize on some cheap traffic concerning his name and sports at the moment (that is, until Paul Sorvino gets to play Lou Piniella for ESPN). But Cusack’s I love the Sox and Cubs Equally stance is the real question. Equally? Come on, really???? I can accept most alternative lifestyles, but a “bi” Chicago baseball lifestyle … even the Mayor and Obama put baseball ahead of votes in Chicago. Rob W, your thoughts?

Oh, and the Cubs wrapped up the Reds 3-2 at Wrigley, with Cusack in attendance, on home runs from De Rosa and Carlos Zambrano.

8 responses to “Cusack Buys a New Hat, Cubs Beat Reds, 3-2”

  1. warmowski says:

    Zero mystery here.

    There isn’t a waiter or other service industry employee from Evanston to Printer’s Row that doesn’t know John Cusack is a shitty tipper. It’s not Sox fans who are famous for being obnoxious with the help, so let that be everyone’s guide.

  2. GC says:

    so Cusack’s dine & dash cameo in “Roadside Prophets” was based on his real life exploits?

  3. karen says:

    Why do we care so much about what he is doing. that is so bizarre.
    Millions of people are there enjoying the game. He is just another one of them. John Cusack can be whatever he wants to be. This is still America. Land of the free.

  4. andrew says:

    Ben are you a part of the 1200 month-fan?


    Reverse the curse!1!

  5. karen says:


  6. Ben Schwartz says:

    Andrew, you once told a very sad story “round these parts” about being an 11-year-old kid at Wrigley wearing a Mets shirt and having an adult Cub fan get in your face and say “fuck you.”

    Now that you’re 12 and can take it, I agree with Karen.


  7. andrew says:

    That’s really rude Ben, even for a bleacher bum such as yourself.

    Karen’s filthy insult (I guess either she doesn’t realize children read this blog, or doesn’t care) was directed at you and your questioning the integrity of Mr. Cusack. I know blogs are big business but I have to agree with her general sentiment- before trying to smear a celebrities name maybe you should consider his/her feelings. I know there is big money in ad revenues but this is a new low.

  8. Ben Schwartz says:

    Andrew, kids write this blog.


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