David Stern, Fashion Killer

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(one of these gentleman can look forward to a makeover)

The Boston Globe’s Shira Springer on a move that seems solely designed to make Allan Iverson look like a square.

As part of the new collective bargaining agreement, the NBA and its players’ union devised several new initiatives designed to improve the athletes’ accessibility and professionalism. Players will be required to attend pregame autograph sessions and participate in pregame giveaways of T-shirts, hats, and wristbands. Inactive players will greet fans and community groups on game nights. The league increased the players’ minimum number of community relations appearances from 10 to 12. Players must make themselves available to the media for at least 15 minutes after practice. And among other new rules, there will be a dress code Stern expects to include sport coats and collared shirts, and exclude bluejeans. When it was mentioned that some of the league’s most highly regarded players, such as Tim Duncan, dress more casually, Stern said, ”Well, the job description has changed.”

”We’re working on a job description,” said Stern. ”It’s to help the players understand what the job is. The job is not only to go to practice and win games. The job is representing the NBA to all constituencies. Community relations. Public relations. Sponsor relations . . . Maybe for a variety of reasons we pulled back too much. Or maybe we got spoiled by a generation of players who did these things as a matter of course and as we got younger we moved away from them. So, we have to slowly remind ourselves [what to do].

”Sometimes I worry that our players’ intensity can be misconstrued and their effort can be misconstrued. They are the most intense, the most dedicated. I think the younger base of our fans understands that, but perhaps, the mid-to-older aren’t quite as attuned to it. We’d like to use our convening power to have people focus on this game and our great players, who they are and how they play, rather than their variance from some norm . . . Being neatly attired in a certain way, that’s going to be our norm.”

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  1. jamie says:

    left out of the article is the requirement that players respond to all questions from luxury box holders with a “yes’m” or a “no suh”.

  2. jteezly says:

    fuck david stern he is a bitch and would not
    he burned and went hell. cause he is a fat bith.

  3. jteezly says:

    david stern you are fat bitch

  4. CSTB says:

    jteezly with the comment of the year.

  5. Stern Sucks says:

    fuck david stern, he should die and go to hell and ger butt fucked by hitler and satan.Hes the worst, most fucked up NBA commisioner of all time.Not because of dress code, but because of how fucked he has let the officals be and by all of the stupid rules he has made!!!!!!

  6. CSTB says:

    With trenchant analysis like that, I can’t imagine why anyone would rather read another sports site.

  7. Trevor DoggyDogg says:

    Yo Yo biznatches!! David Stern is from my hood yo Ima G yo. My name is Trevor DoggyDogg Wardle! I representen you mo fo’s! I am a G, yayay

  8. Trevor DoggyDogg says:

    Yo by the way Jteezly, your grammar blows!!

  9. Tom says:

    The NBA isn’t street ball. It should have a professional atmosphere. Without it you have players acting like teenagers, running into the audience and beating the shit out of fans. It’s ridiculous what the sport has come to. It has no racial motive like you seem to think. It’s about control over employees — because that’s what they are. They have no freedom in that aspect of their life, since they’re working for money. It’s about responsibility and respect.

    CSTB – you’re funny.
    jteezly – you’re misinformed.

  10. GC says:

    sorry Tom, I appreciate the praise, but there are few examples of players “running into the audience and beating the shit out of fans.” Whether or not Stern’s motive was racial, the fact remains that he imposed this edict on a predominately black workforce. Yeah, they’re working for money. But they also have the right to bargain collectively and if enough of ’em thought the dress code was worth making a stink over, they’d be entitled to strike and/or take legal action.

    This was a power move, pure and simple, and one designed to put the P.R. hammer squarely in Stern’s paws.

    Responsibility and respect have to be earned. Given the diversity of the NBA, I was bummed to see corporate fuckwad values being used to stomp all over anyone else’s form of cultural expression, even if that expression was something as flimsy as marcus camby’s OJ t-shirt.

    That said, this was a p.r. battle the players coudn’t possibly win. And since many of ’em love getting dolled up, it wasn’t like the complaints would last.

    I find it funny that the NFL doesn’t get nearly the negative pub the NBA receives, yet football’s coaches and injured players are allowed to populate the sidelines in track suits.

  11. SunsFan08 says:

    I’m wit Jteezly, Fuk david stern and his instigating rules, TrevorDoggyDogg, go Suk a doggydogg dizzle

  12. yo yo fuck yall, yo im a realy ill fucking bust a cap in all yo asses yo cause im the real g yo David Stern is from my hood ill be behind his 26 percent yo cause hes my g yo so fuck a yalll, if yall wanna die then fuck with me

  13. Stern sucks says:

    David Stern sucks.

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