Dear Mr. Motherfucking Content Thief

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If you’re gonna use a photograph that I took of Eric Byrnes pretending he’s Bob Probert, please, go right ahead. But the very least you can do is acknowledge where you grabbed it from. If such a common courtesy is completely beyond your limited capabilities, I’m afraid I will have to continue to pay the homeless to beat off on photos of your fiancee.


Suck My Dick Avedon


To the mailbag!

Was just sent the link to your post about the Byrnes photo. You’ll have to forgive me; I took the photo from this site —two weeks ago and credited him then. I did not know that he had taken it from you. My apologies. I’ve updated it in the original post.


I think we have to agree this a stand-up act from a man who earns a living sitting down. And in the spirit of greater harmony, not only shall I refrain from further attempts to bribe those less fortunate into a vulgar act involving an innocent person’s likeness, but said funds will instead be re-directed towards a charitable donation to Avert.org, in honor of St. Louis’ noble efforts to reduce the spread of gonorrhea.

11 responses to “Dear Mr. Motherfucking Content Thief”

  1. Clem Media says:

    Neither of the Deadspin posts with the Byrnes photo have any mention of CSTB

  2. tenaletilt says:

    Does gonorrhea lead to a reddening of the pubes?

  3. GC says:

    give the guy a break, if I busy was picking out clothes for Matt Leinart’s funeral, finding time to fix the odd link or two might be hard to come by.

  4. Amy says:

    I’m the original “guy” in question here and someone sent me the photo through AIM late that night while we were talking about the broadcast.

    It’s my fault for not following up on where he grabbed it and I’m really sorry for the error. For what it’s worth, I’ve just amended my own post to credit you… Sorry again.

  5. GC says:

    Dear Amy,

    I was refering to Will in the above comment. And I apologize for misidentifying him as a guy.

    Your efforts to rectify the situation are deeply appreciated. But if I don’t start getting some proper credit for the invention of the internet, discovery of gravity and pioneering use of the word “discombobulate”, who knows what kind of crazy threats I’ll start making.

  6. Joel says:

    Sad, sad, sad. May I suggest breaking the prozacs in half?

    The hard-on you have for this guy is disturbing.

  7. GC says:

    Joel, rarely a Screech-related post goes by without you saying essentially the same thing. And if we’re on the subject of hard-ons and disturbing content, I respectfully request that you cease sending me these strange self-portraits of yourself, or I will be forced to contact your ISP. Thank you.

  8. Leitch is my bitch-jayhawk says:

    They try to act like they are better than everyone. When we all know they have accounts at americansingles.com,like besibolct. Besibolct wanna flirt with me you sexy whiteboy. You can join the viva la raza movement and be my bitch.

  9. FuckFace says:

    Did deadspin not give you guys commenter privileges or what? It’s a fucking photo of Eric Byrnes off of your shitty television. It’s not like you were in the Baseball Tonight studio, ass face. Give us all a break and at least get HD if you’re gonna take pictures of your tv screen.

  10. GC says:


    the great thing about your comment is that for the first time in CSTB’s hallowed history, when I write , “Dear FuckFace”, no one can accuse me of starting something.

    re : Deadspin. No commenting privileges were requested. It’s a modern Algonquin Roundtable over there. I’m really not sure I could keep up.

    I’ll have you know I bought my TV from those dudes in the black turtlenecks on the Wal-Mart ads, and they swore it was state of the art.

  11. FuckFace says:


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