Derek Sanderson Versus The Entire Canadiens Bench

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Forgetting the Red Sox and “Ask The Manager”, this is the hottest possible WSBK footage you could possibly see.

And aside from a dope deal at Chet’s Last Call, this is probably the most unlawful behavior ever witnessed in North Station.

2 responses to “Derek Sanderson Versus The Entire Canadiens Bench”

  1. beedlebaum says:

    You forgot “We Don’t Knock”

  2. itsmetsforme says:

    “…and that son, is why we hate the Canadians.”

    if i can be earnest for a moment, i grew up in western ma watching the bruins and i defy anyone to name a sports franchise that has fallen farther and from such great heights due to ownership/management as the Boston Bruins. Ok well it’s probably possible.

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