Destructoid : Phillies’ Hamels Was An Accessory To Homophobia

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The above clip was hailed in this space just a few months ago as “Cole Hamel’s Most Lifelike Performance To Date”.  Sadly, Destructoid.com’s Samit Sarkar reports the clip in question contained a subtle message that not even an half awake ardent observer like myself managed to catch (link taken from Baseball Think Factory)

Last October, Infinity Ward posted a short video on their YouTube account featuring an in-game version of Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels.  In the vignette, Hamels advised Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 players that random grenades are œfor pussies; the œpublic service announcement was provided by an organization called œFight Against Grenade Spam.

I somehow missed the œFAGS acronym the first time around, but the Internet certainly didn™t. Numerous Web sites and Twitterers condemned the PSA and Infinity Ward™s perceived endorsement of an anti-gay message (something that™s especially troubling in the context of the foul-mouthed gamers who comprise much of the online user base for Call of Duty).

Infinity Ward has since taken down the video.

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  1. Les Goldwall says:

    Anyone who watches South Park knows that fags and “gay fags” are not the same thing.

    /just saying’

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