Dipshit Devil’s Advocate : Steelers Should Root For Roethlisberger’s Guilt

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“Dumbest shit ever published” opined one unimpressed Twitter reader, and you may or may not be surprised to learn the article in question comes courtesy of The Bleacher Report, specifically, TBR’s Gregory Maurer.    Maurer, who might be making his way into your local Hearst-owned newspaper, proposes the Steelers should look at recent allegations against Ben Roethlisberger as a way to “a way for Pittsburgh to get out of an overpaid commitment to a inconsistent quaterback.”

I don’t think that the owners are praying for Ben to be convicted,but I do think they see that if Ben is convicted they have a silver lining. They can request for Ben’s contract to be voided and they have a young qb in Dennis Dixon. Even if Dixon doesn’t work out they have some money to go get a qb or they can draft one this year. So Ben is in a bad situation right now. He can lose his freedom and his money and his future, but the Steeler fans can still see a positive in this negative situation.

The “inconsistent QB” in question has won 2 Super Bowls in 5 NFL seasons and currently has a lifetime passer rating of 91.7 (also, it doesn’t get much more consistent than being accused of sex crimes annually); Dixon by contrast, has thrown a grand total of 27 passes as a professional.   On the other hand, he did produce some of REM’s most beloved works, so Maurer has that going for him.

6 responses to “Dipshit Devil’s Advocate : Steelers Should Root For Roethlisberger’s Guilt”

  1. Lee Schwebel says:

    hey gerard,

    as a browns fan, love the ben as a dumb wiener vibe. fwiw, it was don dixon, not dennis dixon, who produced for REM, along with mitch easter. lata.

    Lee Schwebel

  2. GC says:


    what I meant to say was, at least Dennis has his excellent work with the Smithereens to fall back on

  3. Lee,

    Keep you opinions to yourself you wimp ass punk.

    You will find your sorry ass beat and thrown into one of your reject bins of moldy bread.

    You never played a sport in your life.

    You just hid behind Daddy’s skirt.

  4. Eric says:


    Rooting againt Big Ben doesn’t make the Browns better. The only thing that made the Browns better was moving to Baltimore

  5. gdcarroll says:

    They will let anyone publish. I can’t believe I’m typing on this story.

  6. matt says:

    talk about a dumbass– lee how could you tell everyone your a browns fan they fucking suck, thats as bad as a cowboys fan your all fags.

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