Dirk Asks His Detractors, “Do I Come To Your Job & Knock The Dork Out Of Your Mouth?”

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On the heels of a widely publicized incident between LeBron James and a heckler, Mavs F Dirk Nowitzki used the occasion of his appearance on the not-even-as-funny-as-“American Dad”, “The Cleveland Show” (above) to address the topic of abusive fans with The Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s David Martindale.

“In real life, the whole 20,000 people in the arena can say whatever they want, but if you say something to them, you get fined automatically,” he says. “Sometimes I think it’s not fair, because some of the things fans say are below the belt.

“I’ve pretty much heard it all. I’ve been called a Nazi before, which isn’t even funny. It’s just ignorant. You become like, ‘In one ear, out the other.’ But in The Cleveland Show, we get back at him.”

One response to “Dirk Asks His Detractors, “Do I Come To Your Job & Knock The Dork Out Of Your Mouth?””

  1. glenn says:

    Big deal. Try being the beer vendor when the team is in total f**k-up mode and 20,000 people want to take it out on anyone that remotely resembles a team official.

    And if I talk back, I don’t get fined. I lose my job.

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